Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 9 South America : Buenos Aires

When we left Iguacu I was not in the happiest of moods :( but it was not going to last long . Was a bit nervous about entering Argentina with my new Maltese passport ... We got into our personal van that drove us to Argentine side of Iguacu and when we got to the border the driver asked us for our passports , they didn't even have to see us to cross boarder LOL ! Things are much different it's not like the Parsnoid States of America . Actually it gets stranger as we go along .

Our flight was delayed and the board didn't show if so we kinda sat there in limbo waiting . It is apparently an "international" airport but there is no money exchange and no where to plug in for power so I am not sure really how it is considered "international" with only 3 gates the place was a joke ! When we were boarding we noticed nearly everyone entering with liquids ??? When we checked bags they showed us a sign with rules which said no liquids , no gels etc... So how is this possible in this "international" airport with no security at all ??? Apparently the sign is for show and the ticket taker told us it is ok to do this on domestic flights here !! Truly we must be on another planet LOL .

I snored the whole flight :) and when we arrived all the mouth breathers gathered at the luggage carousel as usual . Seriously all 5 people in your family don't need to huddle near the carousel ! If takes one person to spot your extravagant belongings ;) we tried to get a van but the dummy at the counter thought we needed 2 so we blew him off and grabbed a taxi that was kinda like a station wagon  ! And if you are the dummy from the van rental let me tell you that we got all our bags into a smaller vehicle then your stupid van ! Meatball ;) our taxi driver played some Steppenwolf and got me in the mood to party :) that was good because I was about to go wild !

We got to hotel , got online and I contacted Alejo ... One of my buddies in Buenos Aires , then met up with him at his friends place . Lupe I hope that is how she spells her name ! When we met up with Alejo we went to buy beers and headed out for dinner which was another meat massacre , another hockey buddy  showed up ... Max it was awesome seeing you again ;) apparently people here don't go to dinner until around 9 pm and I should mention that this is quite the climate change from Brazil ! It was like fall weather in Toronto . Dinner was another meat massacre ! It was awesome , the food the wine and the new hockey family were super ! And the night was still young ... After dinner we went back to Lupe's place and started pre drinking and met up with yet another hockey buddy "Coco" got pretty buzzed and headed out to the bar .

We went to this interesting bar that was like a house transformed ! It was pretty cool ! A bunch of other hockey friends arrived and there was about 20 of us drinking and dancing the night away ;) now this is speculation because I was totally hammered but I want to say I think we stayed until about 430 am . Not sure if there is a last call here which is awesome the only thing is you are not allowed to consume alcohol on the streets here which is probably good as we would have been total waste cases .

I actually slept in today but I was smart enough last night not to mix alcohol so I feel pretty good now , missed breakfast but I might head out for another kind of grease :) I want to thank everyone I partied  with last night ! You guys/gals are all amazing thanks for the memories !!!

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