Sunday, July 24, 2011


Had a very chill day yesterday , even though we are in the middle of a heat wave here in Toronto ( i have central air ) . It had been quite some time since i had some time to chat with my buddy Rainer ( Kackvogel ) online . We were planning on meeting up at the Bangkok tournament and it seems that it probably won't work out for either of us .

The last blog or the one before that i mentioned that Kathleen and i usually take off for the holidays ( xmas & new years ) and recently we have started to toss out ideas .... one has us going to England & Malta . I mentioned this to Rainer and asked if there were any tournaments in Europe after New Years . Rainer if anyone will know when and where every tournament you could imagine would be occurring anywhere in Europe .

Apparently there is a tournament in Tallinn , Estonia the first week of January ( possibly Jan. 6-9 ) . A flight from London is under $300 return ( Lufthansa ) ! This is very cheap .... the tournament is not so cheap at 800 Euros entry . Rainer is going to send out a facebook invite for this tourney and hopefully enough of you that read this will want to join us for another crazy tournament adventure . Rainer already begun mentioning a few other destinations around there and i know that Finland is very close so hopefully we can convince our friends from Tampere to join us !

So another tournament trip is in the works , hopefully there is enough interest to have Rainer enter a team . Then i can start convincing Kathleen that Europe is where we should go :) then i will have to convince Rainer to come with me somewhere like Riga , Latvia which he has already mentioned being close .... stay tuned as this might be the next big adventure !

Friday, July 22, 2011

Tournaments Between November-February

Still trying to figure out what i am going to do next ... do i go to Asia ? do i go to Europe ? OR do i go to South America ????

Recently i have found rinks in Costa Rica , Argentina , Brazil ... the only problem is that i have yet to get into contact with anyone down there that would be organizing hockey ice times . It would be a ridiculous trip and i am pretty sure that flights between countries would not cost me so much . Definitely would need alot of preparation to make this trip come to fruition .

Europe would be great too as i would love to stop over in Malta to visit my family , and i would not have to organize anything for that . Problem is that i am already planning to head there next April anyways so that is kinda redundant .

Asia is another long haul trip that would have to be at least 3 weeks and covering at least 2 countries LOL ! If i don't have any plans to go anywhere and get an invite from one of the teams i would like to play for then i would probably book my flight . The tournament is at the end of October , shouldn't be too much of a problem to leave earlier . I was planning on going to the tournament in Bangkok and always have wanted to .... but since i have been there already and have played there before ( not in tourney ) it kinda makes it hard for me to go back , my sense of adventure wants to go somewhere new . This way i can put a new flag on my stick bag :)

At the moment i am planning a trip to NYC ( not hockey related ) and have been in talks with my better half about a trip somewhere/anywhere possibly for the Holidays ( Xmas & New Years ) .... this NYC trip is pricey , going to see NCAA football game , Hip Hop tour, Blue Jays are playing vs. Yankees , Rock the Bells hip hop festival , and Pro Surf Tour on the last day ....... so i might have to hold off and just go away in late December , hopefully i can convince someone to carry my stick bag for me ?

If anyone has any suggestions for any tournaments anywhere in the world between Nov-Feb then post a comment ... ideas are always appreciated !

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Smart Car Promo

Last night i finally got the chance to play hockey at the MasterCard Center for Hockey Excellence ... still think it is a long useless name . 4 hours on the ice shooting a promo video for Smart Car ... it was a shit ton of fun ;)

The promo has the host going country to country in his Smart Car doing things that are unique to the city visited ... check it out that is just one of the videos . Basically i was contacted by a colleague of mine looking for some pro hockey players so i hooked him up with one ... don't want to ruin any scenarios . I guess we are all going to have to wait for it to get released on YouTube .

You can also check out their Facebook group!/ , the videos that they have made already are all really good , i am sure we will all enjoy the next one they release . Stay tuned !

Hope you all have a great weekend , this goalie needs to rest ... 4 hours of fun equals pain and suffering today , but good pain with great memories !

Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh What A Feeling

Don't let the title throw you off . I feel like crap today ... day 3 of this stupid summer flu that i caught from parts unknown . If i knew who infected me i would offer it back :) . Another missed day of work today which really sucks . Not one of those people that is willing to go work and make everyone i know ill , just doesn't seem like a good solution does it ?

Later on in the early evening i am hoping to feel better as i finally get to go play hockey at the MasterCard Center for Hockey Excellence .... yes it is a long stupid name for an arena devoted to being a practise facility for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Marlies . I live really close to the rink but have never actually played hockey there yet i have been there for a pleasure skate . Tonight i am hoping to have some pleasure if i get over this stupid illness , if not i am gonna try to fight through it regardless as i can't pass on this opportunity .

The skate is from 5-9 PM and it is for some Smart Car promo , so there will be a film crew there shooting the whole thing . Good possibility that this goalie gets seen making a save or letting a goal in this promo ... either or it is just a bonus for me . Now i have to go pop some pills and fight this flu !

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bad Position

Stuck between a rock and a hard place , this season i tried to put 2 teams into 2 different leagues . 1 of those teams is unfortunately not going to make it . It seems that guys from the original team are just dropping out for different reasons or injuries , the rest of the team is not responding and nobody has put a down payment down which past the due date that i set .

This means that either i pay the down payment out of pocket OR i drop the team . Putting the down payment down out of pocket is a risk i am not willing to take . I did that last year and 4 jerks dropped out on me without notice letting me know 4 weeks into the season when i returned from my Euro Trip . That really sucked big time ! I ended up losing $900 last season because of them and still had 1 person claiming that i am making money .

The bottom line is that nobody is willing to pay and nobody is responding which means nobody cares ... which means we will not compete . The problem i have is that 1 person that replied and was willing to send me money is now in limbo without a team since the other squad is just about full . I feel really bad about this and honestly don't know what to do . If i do put the deposit down and no one pays then i am royally screwed so it is not worth it ... not for a bunch of guys that can't find the time to respond to an email .

The non response to emails is a serious pet peeve of mine , i will never understand how it is so much work to type a few letters to someone saying yes or no . Plain and simple i feel as though it is a lack of respect , if you can't respect me then i can't respect you either ...if you said hi to me on the street and i ignored you how would you feel ? In this day and age everyone seems to have easy access to emails and other messaging through the devices that are kept in most of your pockets . Next time you get an email from someone you know why don't you think twice about what a dick you are being by not replying and change your attitude . The person emailing you is keeping you in mind so why don't you do the same instead of being selfish ... its not hard just say yes or no .

If you are one of the guys that has not replied and you are reading this guess what ... you better start looking for a new team to play for as i probably won't respond to your emails either :) tough beans .

Saturday, July 9, 2011

First Online Interview

A couple of weeks ago i was contacted by a fellow named Andre le Puck . Andre is a filmmaker that lives out in Vancouver , he found my blog online and contacted me to go on his show that he is in the process of pitching to hopefully get on air .

Andre was interested in interviewing me and we made plans to have a skype interview , first crack at it didn't work as i had to work and missed out ... but we worked on making it happen and this past week it did :) I must admit i was a bit nervous and kinda flubbed on a few questions . Don't really want to get into what we spoke about as it has not been posted online as of yet and i don't want to ruin anything for either of us ... the suspense is killing me though as i am nervous to see what the final product looks like .

At this point i am hoping to get a 2nd interview and hopefully i can correct any mistakes i made the first time , pretty sure that it will be a learning process for both myself and Andre . You all should check out the website and look at Andre's past projects ( they are pretty cool ) .

Hopefully in the coming week Andre will have the interview with me posted on his site ... i am sure he is busy editing as we speak if he is not painting pucks which is his other passion .

This coming week i will also be looking forward to the video shoot for Smart Cars that i will be in , big acting debut . I will be playing the part of a goalie , yes i know far stretch for me LOL .... should be fun skating with some pros at the MasterCard Center :) , really looking forward to this . Will try to get some pics to post here next weekend . Hope you all have a great weekend and make sure you check out My Hockey Show . Cheers !

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Don't Stop Looking For Players

This past week our Ghetto German friends went back home ( well The Tanzmanian Devil went to Spain ) . And we went back to reality , which is that we need skaters ARGH!

Last weekend was alot of fun with alot of guys around from past and present teams , no worrying about our bench as there were enough skaters ... then we played our league game and were down to 2 lines ... then our Germans were gone. This leaves me in my usual scramble to put a squad together . This week our 2 reliable centers happen to be out of town which really leaves me to wonder if we should put 2 teams into 2 leagues this winter ?

Today i wake up and get an email from a player i was expecting to be on both squads , he can 't play this winter . Immediately i begin sending emails out to skaters looking to fill our DMHL roster , it is not cheap but it is a very competitive league playing in some quality arenas . As of now we have 10 skaters which means it will cost way too much per player ( and for me in the long run ) . Today i will have all of my fingers crossed hoping for some good replies .

Funny thing this week a guy from the squad told me if there were too many players that he wouldn't want to play , wondering if he minds paying all the extra money for everyone so he can get ice time ? Just a simple fact : Ghetto Blasters have played 103 games now and i think maybe 5 have had 15 skaters on the bench . Maybe all the ice time in the past doesn't count ? Either way i am looking to add 5 more skaters to make 15 , which guarantees we will always have at least 10 LOL ... this means i won't have to scramble weekly to find skaters to make 10 .

The search continues....