Friday, February 24, 2012

Tournament that i Organize

4 months until the tournament i organize here in Toronto will be ending , getting really excited about this ! When i started this tournament all i wanted was to provide my friends with all the best things i have experienced at the great tournaments i have travelled to around the world . My favorites have free alcohol or at least alcohol on hand , evening events where most if not all the teams will be and of course food readily available .

We provided most if not all of that last year , with a couple minor shortcomings which were overcome by all the FREE beer :) this year will be the same with a few breweries pitching in some free cases for us . The one thing i was not able to do last year but hope to do this year is start to involve teams from outside of Toronto . Obviously the 1 team i really want to come are the Rainman AllStars which i know are working on coming  , if they come this tournament will be one hell of a crazy party . Aside from them if any team from out of town that i have played with or against shows up i am pretty sure it will be a good time . 

Don't get me wrong , last years party atmosphere was excellent . I know i got pretty inebriated LOL , and there was this one ref that slept behind a dumpster at the rink with some other crazy ongoings during the tournament . We are adding to the atmosphere by holding events at more then just the Midpoint . Our Friday night will be at the Midpoint , Saturday will be at Brooklyn and Sunday conclusion party will be at 1602 Dundas St. W. ( no name bar ) . There is a bbq on Saturday with free burgers at the arena with food service at the no name bar all weekend ( 10 min walk from arena ) actually all the places we will go to are within walking distance and yes we can leave our gear at the rink :) 

This year we are going from a 6 team tournament to a 10 team tournament with 2 divisions . The tournaments popularity is growing every year and i think next year we will have to add another arena to accommodate more teams as i feel as though i may have to turn teams away this year , which i don't like to do ! If your team is interested in coming to play in my tournament it is June 22-24 , we do not have a website but here is our facebook event  check it out ! Just leave a comment here and i will contact you asap ... if you can't make it this year we hope to see you all at some point in the future ! 

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Weighing My Options

Howdy ! Not much blogging this month , as usual i come home from a trip and begin to work on my next trip . This is how i want to live my life ... dreaming constantly :) if i could only get paid to do this ???

A few tournament opportunities have popped up since i came home , first one being the one in Iceland which at the moment is up in the air as it is really not a cheap tournament and i am conflicted with going to these tourneys that charge way too much to partake in . I run a tournament at home so i know how much they are making and i can't bring myself to pay ridiculous amounts to play in sub par tournaments ...that being said i still want to go and as of now i am still planning on it . If something else pops up around that time i might go elsewhere , lets leave it at that for now ( things change ) .

My friends in Hawaii are asking me to join them in Las Vegas in May , this is very intriguing and i am really leaning towards going . I don't gamble so really i would just be going for some adventure and hockey ... adventure meaning getting drunk and probably lost at least once :) I have a discount on my next flight thanks to that delay i had 1 month ago in Munich , so i might as well use it . If i can get a good price on a hotel room then i might just have to go . It lands on a holiday weekend so i won't be missing much work which is great . Pretty sure at the moment that the team i might go with have 6 skaters so if you are looking to come play hockey in Las Vegas then let me know ?

It has been 1 month since i left Europe , i miss it ... the friends i made were all amazing , kinda missing it and reminiscing ... this means i need to travel MORE . Just like a junkie i am craving something and i think it is the chance to travel . Until then i will keep you all posted about tournaments you can travel too ... peace !

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Next Tournament

Morning ,

Sitting in my living room bright and early on a Sunday pissed off because i whiffed on a puck last night in a 3-4 loss to a team we just can't seem to beat . Regardless the main thing on my mind right now is this tournament in Iceland that i want to play in .  here is the tournament link

This is a Rainman event so hopefully we get enough skaters interested in coming to play and hopefully win another tournament in another country :) Rainer and myself have made pre plans to meet in Berlin and drive to Denmark to fly to Iceland ( it's cheaper ) . After the tournament we will probably visit my family in Denmark play some hockey there and head back to go to Poland to play . Now this is pre plans for a trip in October :) things change fast so i am not going to hold my breathe as alot can change between now and then . Who knows i might end up in Turkey instead LOL ... really you never know .

What i do know is that i need a new stick bag and hockey bag ... travelling is hard on my baggage . Cobblestone roads are not friendly on the wheels or the material carrying my precious materials ! Between now and then i hope to play in a few local tourneys and who knows , if i get the right invite at the right time to an American tournament maybe i will hop over there .

Until then i will keep daydreaming about my next trip ....

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Wrap Up pt.3

Sorry it has taken so long to wrap up my thank-yous... unfortunately my girlfriends father passed away last weekend and the funeral was actually yesterday . So i have been a bit busy unfortunately :( 

So back to thanking everyone :) The guy above picked me up at the train station in Regensburg , which i arrived at in very rough shape . This guy has the most non German name i have ever heard LOL Jason Guttierez ... one of the most amazing , friendly , kind people i have ever met !!! Seriously this guy did everything to make me feel comfortable . He even suggested i stay in a hotel across the street from his house ,which i did and i have no regrets about it as it made my stay in Regensburg super easy ! Meeting up for walks to see the sites , hanging out at cafes and sharing taxis back to our neighbourhood were just much more simple because i stayed where i did ... behind every great man is a great woman so i must thank his lovely girlfriend Sabrina for being so amazing too ... unfortunately i don't have a really good picture of her , i don't want to post any pictures that would upset her , women tend to get upset if they are .... misrepresented :) Thanks to both of you! 

This Regensburg part of my trip would not have happened if it weren't for Alex Eberhardt ! My German buddy that i met in Cortina a couple years ago ( 2010)  , when he found out i was coming to Germany he immediately began calling my phone LOL to bug me to visit him . Yeah he doesn't seem to care about making long distance calls for these reason , which makes him a special person to me ! We won a championship in Cortina together so for this reason we will always be connected . Last summer Alex visited Toronto and we spent quite a bit of time together so i figured it would be an honour to visit Regensburg . Alex got me on the ice , took me out to alot of great restaurants and bars and introduced me to the great people i am mentioning on this page . I mentioned Jason first on this post but really this all would not happen if it weren't for Alex ....also i would love to thank Alex's lovely girlfriend Stephanie ....Stephanie is great friends with Jason's girlfriend Sabrina which is the main connection to all of this friendship circle . Thanks for everything Stephanie , hope to see you soon !

The teams i got to practise and play with in Regensburg were awesome too ! I would like to thank EHC Regensburg Spiders for allowing me the opportunity to practise with you guys . And more then anything i would like to thank the Krones team for allowing me the chance to win a hockey game with them , the best part was the party after . Too many guys to mention but one guy i would like to mention is Armin Eberhardt , Alex's cousin . Armin i am gonna post this picture of you dancing on the table , hope you don't mind ? This was one of the highlights of the whole trip ... dancing on the table for a bottle of tequila . It was SO worth it LOL  !

Last but not least i want to thank most if not all my great German friends for coming to Munich to watch that DEL game with me !!! Andi Tanzer , Rainer Schmid, Alex Eberhardt , Melanie Blume and some people i have never met like Manuela Hebel . I got pretty drunk that night and i was really over ecstatic about seeing everyone and i kinda felt as though everyone gathered for me which was super special ... that night i pretty much cried , and it wasn't a cry of sadness it was joy . I was so happy to see you all , i hope you all understand that you are special to me ... you are my German family ... i hope to see you all soon enough .

I should also thank Jochen Reimer seen in the picture with us ! He got us the tickets for the game ... great game Jochen thanks for everything to everyone i mentioned in the last 3 blogs i posted . I could not have done this without any of you . You are all special to me . 

Thank YOU ALL !!!