Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 26 South America : The Escape

Being the big city boy that I am and being in a small town doesn't equate to much for me being in Ushuaia . I was bored stiff there , yes it's beautiful but I can only look at the mountains so much before thinking of ways to kill myself :) I actually would probably kill myself if I had to live there ... No offense as I said its beautiful but there is nothing to do aside from sleeping , eating and drinking ... I have never slept so much on one of my trips . So you can all guess that I was excited for this day to come as I was leaving and heading to Burnos Aires !

Anita picked us up in the morning and drove us to the airport. ... Javier slept in :) and the escape was on ! We gov our bags checked and found out that we had to pay an airport tax before leaving ? I am used to having airport taxes included in fair for my flight but in a country that seems so ass backwards this was fitting and so was the rest of our day.... Have I mentioned how much I hate children on planes ? Yeah I had a little fuck sit behind me ! I was raised to fear my parents but these days parents fear their children ! And this little shit head behind me kicked , kneed pulled on my chair while I was trying to sleep and his father did nothing to stop him !!! Even though I was cursing giving the evil eye , etc ... It was 3.5 hours of hell.  But being the evil fuck that I can be I swore to get my revenge and I did ;) for some reason people have the urge to crowd the baggage turnstile and show little to no respect for each other . And when I saw Timos bag I went to grab it and of course the little turd fuck came behind me ... Well I knew this and when I pulled the bag of I tossed it at him LOL ( I don't care what you all think , he deserved it !) he was not happy and neither was his father ! I smiled and walked away ... I am sure his father bought something for him to make him feel better LOL . Back in the day our parents would slap us to show us that we were doing wrong and these days they just buy them things , I fear our future !

Anyways that felt good and we were off to our nice hotel which is probably a real 3 star and makes. Hotel Cap Polonia look like a homeless shelter ! We are at the Sohotel in Buenos Aires and our room rocks , has a balcony too . After arrival we decide to go on a hop on tour bus , but they won't let us on and the other tourists were left complaining . We decided to go to the zoo ;) we had an hour for walking around there and it was nice but we saw a bunch of sad looking animals :( I didn't feel right being there and I don't think the animals did either . We saw monkeys with odd looking diseases on their bodies , hippos trying to get into their enclosures and the saddest thing of all ... An elephant rocking as though it was going insane , this almost brought me to tears ! I can't stand what we as humans are doing to the animals we share this planet with , there is no need to cage these mighty beasts and have children throw stones and yell at them . This is not educational at all , it is torture and I wish I had not paid to witness this shit . Just remember this the next time you go to a city zoo and watch what people are doing there !

We left when it closed and both Timo and myself were quite depressed from this vile bullshit . We wandered a bit then headed back to our hotel . We washed up and waited for friends to contact us to go out for beers ... That never happened so we went out on our own and had a great dinner and a few drinks , well Timo drank I didn't . After that we called it a night and crashed out . Not the most exciting last night for my trip but it was probably for the best .

I know someone reading this must be appalled by my actions but before you judge me remember to control your fucking children ! It's not my job to deal with this piece of shit you created ;) LOL ... And lighten up too .

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