Friday, May 18, 2012

Going Back to Europe :)

Plans change constantly when i am trying to organize one of my hockey trips ... at the moment i am working on planning my trip to Europe at the end of September  . Of course i will be travelling with my German brother Rainer . The main part of the trip will be playing in the Icelandair Cup in Reykjavik . Tournament is from Oct 3-7 .

Looks like all my favorite European hockey buddies will be there ! Kalle & Petri from Finland , Daz from England , Rudi from Austria ,Timo and who can forget the king of the kackvogels himself . This tourney should have a lot of good times as it is a 5 day tourney which means lots of time to have fun .

Originally i was hoping to visit my family in Denmark on the way to Iceland . I was supposed to fly to Berlin to meet Rainer , jump in his car and drive to Denmark where we were planning to fly to Iceland from . Now it looks like Rainer has to get back to Czech Rep for a hockey camp he is running ..... crazy thing is that we have to be there on my bday .

I will give up going to Denmark to go back to Czech Rep.... it will make the trip much cheaper as everything is so cheap there . The idea of being in one of my favorite countries on my bday isn't a bad one either ... there is a brewery ( Chodovar ) where i can go for a beer bath and massage while i drink beer :) this sounds like a good way to start my day LOL

So the plan now is for me to fly to Berlin and possibly catch another flight to Iceland play tourney fly back , jump in Rainers car and drive to Poznan , Poland to play some puck . It looks like i will be adding 2 flags to my new stick bag . I am looking forward to this ... until i book the flight there will be a lot of day dreaming and working to earn the money . I will try not to mix the 2 LOL

work hard play hard ...this weekend i am not working ;)