Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goalies Are Unstable

So i kinda received another semi invitation to go play for a team from Vancouver in Bangkok ... can't do it . This brings to my mind the thought of how it must be to run a hockey team as a player instead of my situation being a goalie .

I have it easy i always know i am going to play in our games so all i need is up to 15 skaters in front of me . Now for other teams with player reps that aren't goalies , there must be alot of stress lining up goalies . Most of us are a pretty loyal bunch but since we are the nut bags that enjoy pucks hitting us makes us kinda well , susceptible to injury ?

In my older age i have kinda begun to take it a bit easy but i remember doing some wild things in my youth . Snowboarding , cliff diving and i am sure some of you goalies do worse .... let alone the drinking and partying that have rendered me ill on many occasion ( i am never drinking again ) .

So i wonder how many team reps out there are nervous beyond belief when they arrive at the arena and their goalie is not there .... we are usually first ones at rink , or at least i am . I mean there are at least 15 emails a week asking me to fill in for another goalie ...  how reliable area most of your goalies ? i hope to think that i am , but i have been known to take off to play overseas on the drop of a dime . Unfortunately it is not gonna happen for Bangkok . I hope this Vancouver team finds themselves a good quality keeper as that open division will be a challenge .

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Alright so i am packed ... just actually finished packing :)

Now i am sitting here with my cup of tea anxiously waiting for 730 AM to come as that is when my chauffeur will show up with my limousine to the USA . Actually it is some high school friends in a big ass SUV , not so glamorous .

I woke up at 4 am ... not a surprise as i am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to travelling of any sort . This will be my first time sitting in a passenger seat to go to NYC as usually i drive ... this time we figured old betsy might not make it as it is coming to the time to buy a new car :( new transmission last year makes her a bit fragile !

Last year today i was getting on a plane to go play hockey in Europe , if i wasn't going on another trip today i would probably be sitting around reminiscing over photos and blabbing about how much i miss people , which i do miss all the friends i met but i know i will meet most of them again + i am going on a trip today so i won't really get into the babbling brook kinda mood . I do have to thank my brother from another mother Rainer the king of the Kackvogels for being such a fucking amazing dude . Last years trip was the best trip i have ever been on to date . Thanks again Rainer !

This afternoon at some point i will be arriving in New Jersey and the festivities should begin off the bat . We will have to drive as fast as we can to make the big pre game tailgate party ... first game of the season . For now i will wait another 1.5 hours for 730 AM to arrive ....