Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 20 South America : Opening Ceremonies

Woke up at some point in the afternoon totally drunk still and not feeling good at all :) it's normal though only thing missing is Rainer and Jaegermeister LOL ! We went for lunch at this joint down the road and it was pretty pricey as everything is in this ski town , don't get me wrong it's beautiful here but it is way overpriced and the food is sub par ... I had a burger which was kinda garbage but I ate it regardless and found out about the ceremonies which were in 4 hours . At the time I wasn't interested in going to the ceremonies as I only wanted to sleep .

Got back to my room took a nap and woke up in time for ceremonies , van picked us up and we went to rink without skates and were told we are not allowed on ice without skates hahaha ... We went on anyways as there were lots of people without skates ! The Puerto Rican blowjob machine was there and he was lucky to be a spectator as we heard he was not playing and was not reffing :( too bad at least he has more time to freeload off of my contacts ... It was too bad he was not part of this picture we had been part of .... Hopefully the people here catch on to his games soon and tell him to beat it as he is only here to promote the hockey ??? in his country , which he is not even from ... He is a dumbass ... And he did not have the nerve to talk to me , hope you are reading this you pussy ! LOL .

Anyway the ceremony was basically nice with people here from Chile, Brazil and of course Canada ,Germany and a couple cool Americans ! So it has some international flavour . It was amazing looking at the mountains from the rink and looks just as I thought it would . We hung around to watch the tournament favourites from Buenos Aires play ... Team Orange , kinda wish they would make team names rather then colours but that is the way it is here and I accept it as I don't want to offend anyone that would read this and then tell me to go back to my country or anything super rude like that ;) maybe someone said this to me ? Yeah maybe .... Kind welcome isn't it ! Anyways ...

This orange team is stacked and was whooping ass and we decided to head back to our nice quaint hotel Cap Polonia . It is a 3 star hotel but is kinda rustic , with the best food we have had here thus far ! I am sues there are other good restaurants but this is nice because it is in our hotel . Only problem is the service ... We waited an hour to get served :( but we were in no rush so we accepted it and waited to have some lomo steaks ... YUM !!! It was worth the wait ! After our meals we turned in for am early night as we have our work cut out playing with our friends from Chile , this tournament won't be a walk over for us to win but we will all try our hardest ! Adios boludos ;) 

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