Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 10 South America : Hockey Galore

Was travelling all day yesterday so I didn't post anything , today I will try to catch up with my posts ! 2 days ago I woke up hungover as usual ;) and we all were hungry , we went downstairs and were suggested to go to this steal house . I mean its a must they I go eat a steak in Argentina because of their world famous beef ! This is a lesson you all might want to learn ... We walked over there and got into the place , nobody spoke English and the menu was all in Spanish :( if you can't understand what is going on then go somewhere or be with someone that can translate as I was about to eat one of the WORST steaks I have ever eaten ... I googled it and it sounded good and I ordered a side of french fries . Well I ended up with sweet potatoes and this brick . Yeah the steak was tough as a rock , it was so tough that I didn't eat it as I didn't want to eat it . I sent it back told waiter it's garbage and left . Unfortunately the cocksuckers at this restaurant still charged me for this absolute trash !!! I am not gonna mention the name of the restaurant but the least to say is that I was not impressed with Argentine beef ... McDonald's could have made a better steak ;)

It wasn't the best start to the day but was due to get better ! My friend Alejo offered to pick us up and take us to watch game 1 of the inline championship , I have never watched inline so it was something new and cooler check out . Driving in Buenos Aires consists of traffic , traffic and more traffic ! So we basically did some sight seeing on the way to Peru Beach . This is this giant complex with 2 inline rinks a few bars and a lot of other awesome things to do !!! And it is right on the ocean  , yes there is a beach there thus the name  . 

We had to leave early to go to practise on other side of city . The inline game was good but this sport is not for me as it has so many different rules then the better form which I play on ice ;) we satcom traffic on the way to pick up Matt ( the Americano) and continued sitting in traffic LOL ! When we got to the rink we parked and started walking then walked into this bar ??? I was confused as to why we were entering a bar ??? And there it was ! The rink was in this bar , no joke ... You walk in pass the bar and it is right there , the change area is upstairs so I headed up to change and Victoria ( one of the girl goalies ) gave me the gear they were lending me to use , I had a really early flight the next day and didn't want to risk having soaking wet gear as it will put my stuff way over weight for my flights !!! Unfortunately they only had Medium sized pants and I have probably never tried to put on anything that small with good cause as it does not fit :( so that being said I sat out and did not play instead we met with Lupe and talked all things hockey and I had the pleasure of meeting the "real" ice hockey federation president in Argentina !!! Diego Garcia Barthe is the president of the FAHH :) it was an honor and pleasure to meet him . He gave me a bunch of really cool pictures which I will put in my hockey room when I get home ! I am looking forward to having a few beers with him next week in Ushuaia , as I would like to ask him so many more questions .

At this point it was roughly midnight and I had to get up at 345 am to shower and get ready for my flight to Punta Arenas, Chile !!! As I said earlier the day started off bad but ended up great ;) 

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