Sunday, November 24, 2013


Last trip i went on as usual i was posting from my ipod touch , yeah it sucked because i could never add pics and then when i come home i go through all my pics and start reposting with pictures calling posts RECAP ... i never finished the last trip because i kinda got sick of RECAPping . I wanna live in the moment  .

Around the same time i stopped RECAPping changed its app . YUP now i can post pics from my ipod touch or iphone or iwhatever . Life progresses and this should make things more interesting as i am sure i will get more crazy in the moment pics to post as i am writing my blog . Really looking forward to trying this out ... actually i should have written this on there but to be honest writing on that small thing kinda sucks but it sure beats dragging a laptop around with me . I mean yeah if i didn't have this huge friggin goalie bag to drag around then it would not be a problem . My backpack is basically my luggage and i am not going to give up on a couple extra tshirts to stuff a laptop in there . Its difficult .... you should all try it at least once in your lives . You totally have to be a crazy goalie to want to do this stuff . YUP .

So my trip is almost all booked up and i am already researching my next adventure , not the one next month ... the one next summer . Hoping to travel down to South America again ! Looking at rinks in Bolivia , Colombia and Venezuela .... i see pics of people playing hockey but hope to make contacts there . If you are reading this and live down there please feel free to comment and let me know if you know if there is any hockey in any of these countries ??? At the moment i have contacts in Ecuador and the obvious Chile,Brazil and Argentina ... would love to visit some new countries on my next trek . And if you are all wondering we plan to put a Ghetto Blaster team in La Copa Invernada down in Punta Arenas, Chile again so if you are interested in joining me let me know ! we are looking for skaters .

i should do my laundry , this week i am gonna kill myself working .... need to make money somehow to pay for these trips . 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Morocco Here I Come

Alright here we go ! Just booked my flight to Europe and added Morocco to the trip . It will be my first trip into Africa as i don't include my layover in Tripoli as visit ...

It should be interesting as i don't know anyone that lives there , i was contacted some time ago by a fellow goaltender named Adil El Farj . He plays for the Moroccan National Team but lives in Montreal , he wrote to me as he had read my blog and thought it would be great if i visited there . Adil has been bugging me for some time to go there and now finally i am going and the unfortunate thing is that Adil won't be there :( that being said i am bugging him daily for info on where to stay ? if someone can pick me up for hockey ? when can i play ?  .... its a good thing he is such a nice guy . Which for the record i have yet to meet !!! But we seem to get on well online so it feels as though we know each other already .

So i will be in Rabat playing hopefully every day at the Mega Mall rink .... if anyone has any info on Rabat (things to do , places to hang out , etc ...) please pass it on so i don't have to bug Adil so much :) Over the next few days i plan to do some research but any help from anyone there or anyone that has been there will help ! Ultimately i would love to meet someone to hang out with to show me around ... lets see what Adil can do for me LOL .

This is exciting ... Morocco see you on Jan 4 ! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Last Trip for 2013

It's been some time since i have posted anything ... over a month now . Life has been hectic with work , my hockey club and absolutely no social life because i am saving for my next trip . This all equals a very uninteresting person doesn't it . Well my team here has had its ups and downs , we just turned things around recently after having both teams demoted :( yeah it sucked but winning is more fun ... i don't care what anyone says its plain and simple .

So the pains i am enduring for this trip are oh so horrible LOL .. nah i am just kidding , same as usual i am sitting here trying to contact a rink in Liechtenstein . Yes there is a rink there , not regulation size and not indoors but it is a place that can facilitate my hockey needs . And i just wanted to let all the nay sayers know that i am going to skate there .... So many people have told me there is nowhere to skate there or play hockey , well i found this - ... check it out , its beautiful and the website seems to be up to date . In fact there is another place to go for a pleasure skate this year also :)

Here is my plan ... not being too selfish as there will be others on this trip like my girlfriend who does not play hockey but will endure a lot of it on this trip . We will be in Europe tripping around for a few weeks , but the main part of the trip will be meeting the gang of Rainman Allstars in Austria where we are spending NYE . We are staying in Feldkirch ( hopefully i can meet up with my former team mates there from the Feldkirch Chiefs ????) this city is close to Liechtenstein and not far from Davos , Switzerland where we will be watching the Spengler Cup Final :) already got our tickets booked . I am hoping we can have 1 day in Liechtenstein where we go for some puck at the ice hockey rink and then go into the city center for some public skating of course mixed in with lots of libations and a nice dinner somewhere in Vaduz . Would be a great way to spend a day there ... hopefully the rest of the lot will agree to it . I think they will since they are bringing their gear with them , it would just be nice for the non hockey players with us to get on the ice for a skate though ... be prepared to see some nice pics as it looks like a beautiful rink there . If you check that link above you will see proof of it .

The main problem is contacting the rink ! I emailed them last week and yesterday again with no response , this is nothing new to me ... the website is in English but i assume they speak German there ( not sure ) and it doesn't matter what language they speak , the point i am getting at is that when i send out emails to make contacts in foreign countries where English is not the first language , usually i don't get responses . Yeah its odd , i mean don't they want people to come there ??? Anyways i don't want to rant too much about it as i am hoping Timo can contact them , he speaks German so hopefully it makes some difference . I want that flag on my bag so badly ....

At the moment the plan is to add Liechtenstein , Switzerland and Morocco on my bag after this trip .... yeah Morocco . Just waiting to finalize everything before i write about it :) stay tuned .