Saturday, July 20, 2013

Day 22 South America : Zzzz

Yesterday I woke up in a foul mood :( I wasn't really feeling great and to be honest I think this trip has gone a bit too long . Don't feel as though I should be here now . This should have been beginning of trip but oh well I will deal with it ! I  supposed to have 2 games today so I head to the rink for noon , it's snowing and the Brazilians are winning their game but you can't see the lines on the rink and the puck movement is pretty much impossible with all the snow drag ....

It was nice seeing a bunch of buddies and my mood left its grim state for the time being , I am on this emotional roller coaster and I am riding along with Timo who is feeling probably more home dick then I am . He was in Toronto first so his trip has been longer . Things got up then went down quick as our game was postponed ... We were asked to wait and wait we did .... All day long we waited and waited and wasted our day away waiting . It was a really boring day in which our high light was eating ! I am not drinking any more as I am just sick of alcohol of 3 weeks of abuse . Timo is not feeling great and we slept most of the day away .... We tried to find something to do like go to a movie but we couldn't find anything to do and we didn't get any suggestions . Remember we are waiting on our games to be played :(

Well my sleep wasn't great his night either as I had dreams my room was being broken into ! The heat in my room is unbearable , they are trying to create tropical conditions here for some reason ... Well I am up awake and ready for my game but it's still snowing ... Hopefully we can get these games  done with ! We were supposed to play 2 games yesterday with one in between but now they scheduled us to play 2 in a row ... Seems convenient for some teams doesn't it ??? Well hopefully that cockroach I killed this morning is an omen . I feel good and I am ready to whoop some ass , hopefully the weather gets better bug I highly doubt the ice will be good as it has taken a pounding over the last day . Pray for me everyone , I am gonna need it ! 

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