Wednesday, July 4, 2018

It’s been awhile

You were probably wondering if I’m still alive ? Ok maybe not .... or if I’m travelling ? Well that for sure is a big no . When I’m travelling I’m blogging and posting daily so don’t be surprised to find out that I’ve been plugging away at home in Toronto all the while planning my next big adventure ... and at the same time still paying for the last one . That World Record I helped set was not cheap ! And yes I am officially a Guinness Book of World Record holder or at the least I can say I am part of a group that have set a World Record . More to come about that in the near future .... 

Since then I have been playing host and having friends from all over staying at my place while doing my best to be a tour guide in my awesome city of Toronto . Luckily it’s been easy with the friends I have that are sports fanatics like my mates from Kidderminster who were lucky enough to come watch the Toronto Marlies playing in the Calder Cup Final which they eventually won . Before they were over I had a hockey buddy from England also visits named Jane Brown , we were team mates in New York City a few years back over Halloween and we found the time to catch a game also . Makes it so easy when there are so many sporting events going on :) after all of these people visited Kathleen (my much better half) had her sister Izzy over from Ringwood .... yes all these British folks ! She unfortunately isn’t into sports but we found the time to go check out this Banksy Exhibit which is not sanctioned by Banksy and in my opinion was not what I was really expecting but wasn’t bad even though I do feel conflicted going to see an unsanctioned exhibit for an artist who stands against the establishment with his free art that I paid to go see .... hope that wasn’t too confusing . 

Being a host isn’t cheap but has it’s upside , you gotta understand that all these folks do their darndest to make sure I’m happy when I’m visiting their respective cities so I’m a sense I owe it to them and would do it again in a heartbeat even though I do regret taking Paul and Heather on that 18 km walk along the lakeshore that day .... it knackered us to say the least and I probably shouldn’t have got so wasted that last night at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern but it was worth it . Being who I am and doing what I do means that I need to do these things to carry on doing what I love and that’s travelling . Without the people I meet and love all over the world helping me out I wouldn’t enjoy this as much as I do and I would hope that all my friends around the world would know they have a place to stay if they visit Toronto and they have a buddy to play hockey with and someone to grab a few pints with and check out some local sporting events with . Travellers really should be like this and we can all share and have this beautiful planet to help each other see . I know I’m getting a bit sappy .... must be the sun blazing on me as I’m sitting in my truck at work on set today hahaha ! 

Along with working and “trying” to be a tour guide here for friends I am also still networking to make the hockey world a better place for everyone and that’s where my friends from Infinity Goalie come into play ! John came to visit me before one of my Ghetto Blaster’s hockey games to film and interview as he has been intrigued about my travels and we touched base through instagram recently and there should be a video coming out soon . They have an online store and have recently opened a store in Kitchener where they sell goalie equipment and sticks . I got a new stick off them for myself and my good friend Brendan Krick .... he’s the guy that donated his gear for Egypt that I was wearing in that picture in front of the pyramids .... He really deserves the freebies :) anyways through the video we recorded John found out how I leave goalie sticks all over the world for other goalies to use and told me he will donate sticks for me to donate for him . How awesome is that ? So be expecting me to travel with a few extra twigs on my next journey ! Before I wrap this post up cause I should get back to work let me share his website and if you ever need any gear or wanna check out their sticks just give the page a gander .... 
Infinity Goalie

I have a few more things lined up and hopefully I will be able to announce some more stuff in the next few weeks . Until then keep your heads up and stick on the ice and don’t aim for my five hole :)