Thursday, September 27, 2012

Departing Today


My flight departs for Copenhagen tonight at 9 PM , just connecting in Denmark . Wish i was stopping there to visit my family , sorry Melanie if you are reading this . My cousin was hoping i visit her and the rest of her family in Aarhus,Denmark ... hopefully sometime soon i will visit !

4 hour layover in Denmark will feel like an eternity , the big deal is seeing my great friend Rainer in Berlin . He is renting a car to get him and all his bags to Berlin from Aalen via Tachov instead of taking the train like was originally planned , unfortunately he rented a Smart Car LOL ! Kinda hoping he drops his stuff off at hostel locker then comes to meet me at Tegel Airport ... if not i might have to find my own way to the hostel to meet him . I tend to get lost :)

The key is that i need to take a nap today or sleep on my flight to Denmark , both are pretty much impossible due to being so excited ( oops just peed a little LOL ) . When i land in Berlin apparently our first plan is to booze it up and go on some tour of Berlin that Rainer has planned with our night starting at a DEL hockey game ... apparently we should stay semi sober as we have good ( expensive ) seats :) i bet you that does not happen .

The last thing i have to do today is some more laundry , last bit of packing ... my hockey gear is still drying from yesterday's morning skate . Oh and last but not least i have to go to the liquor store ....

my next post should be from an airport if i find free wifi .... wish i had a pass for the Air Canada lounge 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My 2nd Trip to Europe

Well here we go ... tomorrow i head off to Europe !

This is gonna be wild . Tonight i am gonna relax with Kathleen and a couple friends ( Tara & Mike ) probably order some Chinese food and chill out watch a movie take it easy ... deep inside i am way too excited to chill , but i will find a way to hold back all my excitement .

Everything is ready , just talking over a few plans with Rainer finalizing some of the hostels we will stay at ...trying to go on the cheap if you know what i am saying . I will try to keep a daily blog and let you all know about certain hostels , restaurants and things to do in the cities i visit . I know a lot of people will want to find out about Iceland . This is truly the jewel of this trip , the week i will be there should be a great experience . I will do my best to get some great pictures and share them with you all .

If you are in Iceland or will be at the Icelandair tournament feel free to introduce yourself to me , always glad to meet people that are reading this overseas :) i hear the booze is pricey out there so i am gonna make sure to pack a bottle in my hockey gear for this trip .... i know a few of you have heard of Crown Royal , maybe i will bring that again !

If i find wifi at the airport tomorrow i will make a post , until then i have to get to a padded room so i can let loose and bounce off the walls YIPEE !!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Will I See More NHL'ers in Europe ?

This is the hot topic at the rinks probably around the globe ... the NHL lockout !

So i have already seen that a bunch of Russian skaters are going back to their roots to play in the prestigious KHL which in my mind is the 2nd best league in the world . Not too sure if any skaters are going to play in Czech Extraliga or DEL ( Germany ) would be great if they did .

Heading off to Europe in 9 days so you can guess that i will be going to watch a ton of hockey games it is only natural . We might end up going to see about 10 pro games ... 2 in Berlin, 2 in Munich, 1 in Prague ( KHL ) , 1 in Bratislava , 1 in Vienna , 1 in Plzen and Budjevice ... who knows where else i will watch hockey ! Most of those games are European Trophy games , i have never been to any of those games . Basically it is a tournament with tons of games look it up ....

No doubt that i will get to watch more hockey over there then there will be over here , which is sad ... let's all hope that the NHL figures their stuff out soon and it is not a long year for all of us to miss NHL hockey . Heck i know guys in Malaysia that will be jonesing to watch a Penguins game , chaps in Sheffield that will miss their Devils ... it will effect all of us globally .

I will feel the pain everyone back home is feeling while i am watching all these NHL skaters in Europe :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2 weeks + 1 day until liftoff

Been a bit since i have had the time to write anything ... really honestly i have been working like a dog :P there are a couple more weeks until i leave and i have a few things to prepare before i leave . Have to get my bags repaired , backpack needs a minor fix up and my new hockey bag i bought already ripped . Obviously i am returning it , if i don't it will come back tattered now that it is ripped .... not a good sign :(

Gotta get some essentials like razor blades to shave once in a while ( don't pack in carry on LOL !! ) another crazy thing i travel with is baby wipes , basically so i can have my ghetto shower when i get to next country ... i always feel so gross and greasy after longer flights . My seamstress will have a good time putting my flags on my new stick bag too . Broke my stick last night so i am kinda thinking i might pick up a new twig too , would not be smart travelling with only 1 stick as a replacement will not come cheap overseas .

2 weeks + 1 day and i am still not sure about the whole trip ... i just booked flights for myself and Rainer to travel to London , UK to watch Aston Villa play in Fulham . Meeting up with some friends from Aston Villa Supporters Club that i met in Chicago , probably will be one of the craziest events i will ever experience .  Apparently i will be meeting these guys at a pub at 1030 AM and hitting possibly 3 pubs by evening gametime sitting in supporters section in a visiting stadium , should be insanity !!!! Hopefully i survive that day to make it to the airport safely :) yeah i am not going back to a hotel i am going straight to airport after probably wasted out of my mind LOL !

Well i should take a small nap before work , i woke early and don't work until 2 PM so adios :)