Friday, February 19, 2016

Big Willy

Yesterday while i was working i was informed by my team mates that the team had received a threatening email from a former player ... his name is William Patry . He joined our club through the ASHL as he willingly signed up to find a team and he was then put in contact with me and we came to an agreement that he would pay $400 for a shortened season .... He showed up for 3 games,  then he decided to stop coming to play for us after he showed up for our games on November 9th , 17th and 24th and never gave me a penny .  William said this one week "I can pay in full on Friday November 20, or the following Tuesday at our game," he never paid then no showed on Dec.1st after saying he would be there and then he went dark .... stopped responding to emails and its like he closed his eyes until he wished it away . Then i wrote my blog about people ripping hockey teams off which he was mentioned in which was posted on Dec. 14th , yeah its over 2 months ago and i guess someone must've stumbled across it ... oh my ! 

Alright so like i said 2 months went by ... i paid his bill and i felt like i should write about it and i did . He deserved it , but now he has pretty much threatened me by sending this email to me yesterday . 

"Hey adrian . I'm 17 years old and just having fun playing hockey, you put an article of me not paying you for hockey. I did play a couple of games with ghetto blasters before I hurt my ankle elsewhere, maybe I owe you 20 bucks per game that I played, remember  17, you trashed me on the internet and all, remember  17 and you gave me beer, and put my name on the beer list,  please watch out for my father , please as I don't want any drama associated with my name as I'm attending OHL free agent camp this summer, I'm born and raised in rexdale and so is my parents, maybe you should play in another league away from rexdale, please do it, I don't want anything bad to happen to you, just erase that and leave town ."

I know you are all thinking that i probably lashed out against him and responded like an idiot would but i didn't . No you see this 17 year old as he clearly states on multiple times thought he could get a free ride joined a hockey team which he agreed to pay $400 to play hockey for the remainder of the season then stiffed out and avoided me until he saw the reality of what he did !!! Now he wants to threaten me for speaking the truth and letting the world know what kind of a person he is ???? Does this all make sense ? So now he wants to change that and pay $20 per game .... i'm sorry i don't want your money now , you already paid when i posted that blog . You see when someone walks out on a bill and someone else pays for it , that gives the person that paid every reason to talk about it :) You also mention that you hurt your ankle ... well .... if you look at the Erin Shamrocks page you will see that William Patry played on Dec. 4th and in fact continued playing with only a few blips here and there for the remainder of the season .... is that another bullshit excuse or just a flat out lie ? 

Now there is that part where you tell me and the rest of the Ghetto Blasters that you are going to OHL free agent camp ... if you are one of the scouts from an OHL club looking at William Patry just remember that he is a team player that is there when you need him LOL ! NOT ! And he is very good at writing threatening emails to former clubs for calling him out for what he did . 

William if you or anyone you know is reading this please know that you did something wrong . What you did yesterday was something i reported to the police and they are looking to contact you now to talk to you and your father since you had mentioned him in your threatening email . From this point on i don't want to hear from you again and if i do or if there is any drama that has to do with this ( which apparently you don't want ?) then i will report it again to the police as harassment . Thank you for screwing me over for $400 this year it was a shitty experience meeting you ! 

As William mentioned that he is 17 years old and just having fun playing hockey . I am also trying to have fun playing hockey but at no one's expense ! If you read this and you have done shit like this to teams then know that you deserve this ... and trust me i know that if you've done this that there has to be a part of your brain that knows you have done something wrong . If not you are a sociopath .... sometimes i can't believe what i have to go through to have fun playing hockey ? I run a hockey team that i don't get paid to do and i get ripped off by people then threatened by them too !!! wow does this happen to anyone else that organizes sports clubs ? if so please share your stories with me :)