Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 11 South America : Royalty

Didn't even sleep 3 hours ! Had to wake up at 3:45 am to shower and catch my ride to the airport . I just can't get on a plane without taking a shower ... Flight left at 7:20 am and it took almost an hour to get from Palermo to EZE airport in Buenos Aires . When we arrived some guy grabbed our bags go us into line and somehow got our bags checked in with no problems :) yeah we tipped him and the lady behind counter asked if he was flying with us ??? We thought he worked at airport but apparently he didn't ??? Oh well LOL . Things are so different here in the south .

Our first flight was to Santiago , Chile and when we landed there it felt like we were in the Paranoid States of America as there were so many security checks . We had to get our bags and they were scanned and we had to check them back in without a hitch once again . LAN airlines seem to not worry about weight or size restrictions which is awesome if you are a hockey traveller like  I am . Our next flight was to Puerto Montt and it a filled with kids . The leg room was limited and the douchebags in front of me tried to fully push their seats back onto my legs . It was a small child but honestly why do you need to be fully reclined ??? The kid couldn't push the seat back so the father tried it so I punched the seat . He didn't try it again ! My patience was being tested and I wanted to tell him an the other breeders on the plane to stop having kids . Our future is grim with the parenting I witnessed on this flight as the kids did absolutely what they wanted . As I said earlier ... Airlines should charge extra for children as it is such an inconvenience to the other travellers !!!

Even the stewardess was getting pissed off , good thing they all left the plane on our stop over and they were replaced with a gambling group :) much quieter ! We were moved to an emergency row as we asked if there were other seats so we could spread out . The flight was uneventful which was awesome and how it should be .

When we landed Alejandro Trabas was at airport with some of the mayors employees , we are guests of the mayor here ;) so we have our own driver . We were taken to our hotel Casino Dreams which is a 5 star hotel . We dropped our clothes off and were taken directly to the arena for our first skate .  We got to meet all the guys and had a 2 hour skate . The rink is called Pista Hielo de Zona Franca which is located in a mall in the tax free area of Punta Arenas . It is small but quite big for 3on 3 hockey . The ice is pretty good but the lack of a zamboni is not helping as they only water the ice at the end of the day , maintenance is a problem in South America . It would be nice if someone could help these guys out down here with some zambonis ;) aside from that the rink is kept well ... The surfacing just needs help . There are holes in the corners which is not much help either . When the puck went there we had to stop to pull the puck out LOL ! It can be dangerous though ...

After our skate we went to our hotel to shower as there is no shower facilities at the rink . This seems to be the norm down here in South America ... After we met the guys at a bar had a bite to eat and started drinking beers . We stayed until the place closed and about 7 of us went to another bar and we continued drinking until 4 am , we were awake for more then 24 hours and I was falling asleep at the bar . Somehow I maintained by splashing water on my face every 15 minutes or so hahaha , the guys must have thought I had some serious bladder problems or some sort of drug addiction LOL !

We went back to our rooms all pissed up and crashed hard ... Poor Timo had to deal with my snoring for another night , sorry buddy ! His efforts to wake me up didn't help as I am a sound sleeper once I pass out .

*things are pretty tightly scheduled here as we are getting celebrity treatment , so I am still behind on keeping my blog up to date , will do my best to catch up I promise * 

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