Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 22: Ljubljana

Waking up in a parking lot in Ljubljana , i lay there pondering the fact that i woke up in Germany just the morning earlier . Then i begin to think of showering , Petri is up ! We decide to go hunt for somewhere to shower open the door and BLAM the parking lot is jam packed !!!! Beginning to feel like a gypsy , my first reaction is to find the public bathroom and a coffee....first we walk into any random building ( probably not supposed to be there but went anyway ) and find a toilet , with a semi shower inside ....totally Ghetto we decide to abort the idea . Get some drinks and head back to camper to find Rainer awake and ready to move , we sit and ponder ideas on the map i got from the hotel that wanted 140 Euros for us to shower there . There is a public swimming pool , lets go there.

Somehow we accidentally find the arena parking lot !!!! There are only 2 arenas in pretty much all of Slovenia and we accidentally stumble upon 1 looking for somewhere to shower ? Petri and myself run straight to the arena leaving Rainer behind at the camper ( natural magnetism to hockey ) and right away i start asking people outside the arena about playing today . With a Pro team , Womens Pro team, B team , Junior team all practising on this day it was a problem. Petri ran to the toilet in the arena and then i followed reluctantly. We tried to get into a dressing room to shower but were looked at like gypsys ( i wonder why ) . Somehow we found out that there was a pool in the complex and we went back to find Rainer .

Heading to the pool as fast as possible we find out that it is closed when we arrive and ask if there are showers, there are showers but we have to pay something like 3 Euros each this point i would have paid 20.Finally having a nice hot shower and a shave we all head to the arena to try to get on , no luck ...we need the internet to contact some people to try to get on the ice. We have to eat first so we walk across the street to pick out our lunch which we ate directly behind the arena . At this point our gypsy lives changed when we met our new pet Katvogel (LOL ) ...Rainer saw the cat and put this can of leftover canned fish out for it and Katvogel was ours for the day :) .

Then deciding to head through the park to the city centre. I am a big fan of graffiti and got lucky walking through this walkway to see some of the best graf i had seen on this whole trip ( aside from graf i saw on train going through Czech ) . We get to the city centre and walk basically to where the bar we were at was . Wandering about , it was a beautiful day to wear shorts and a tshirt , the city centre is truly beautiful with lots of cool art and some great little cafes. Having problems finding ourselves an internet cafe we wander into a bar and were greeted by some really amazing people working at this establishment, being kind enough to plug in Petris phone and joke around about throwing it out too LOL! The beer was a homebrew from the local brewery and was how do you say ...not the greatest , well the beer i tried the night before was not exactly a fav either ( it was a weak pilsener).

We finally get to this internet cafe on the other side of the river , some really cool statues are all over this bridge right near our destination! Frantically all 3 of us try finding contacts to get us on the ice tonight , sure we contacted people but were never contacted back :( ....the sombre walk back to the arena for one last chance to get on the ice , Rainer disappears on the walk back ( he is like stealth or something ) as he ends up ahead of us somehow at the arena already ! We decide that if we can't get on the ice tonight then we are gonna start heading to Cortina D'Ampezzo,Italy.

One last try , there is a hobby league with 1 game tonight ....maybe we can try to ask . So Petri and i get out of the camper and Rainer is ( apparently) sleeping. We go to the arena and start talking to people while we watch yet another team practising ,there is a glimpse of hope ...Petri gets a text that Rainer is now in the city centre and will come back later ? we head to the camper and it is locked , so now if we can get on the ice we can't get our equipment ! So regardless i could not get on , but 1 team had only 7 skaters which i am sure could have used Petri. Instead we go to the bar in the arena and have a pint together and talk about our roadtrip when Katvogel comes in the bar and heads to the kitchen , the barkeeper just smiled and went to feed him....this cat was working it ! Finally Rainer shows up and we start our trek to Cortina, stopping for a bite to eat i am in my complaining about food mood and resort to eating a sandwich in the hockey mobile while we are on the road....passing out after leaving Ljubljana's city limits , who knows where i will wake up tomorrow ?

Day 21 : The Trek To Villach

Wednesday morning , Petri wakes up early too ( LOL) and we decide to go for a walk to let Rainer sleep . The park we are in is in Bad Tolz and it is beautiful , we stop to use the public toilet to wash our faces off ( they are quite stinky) this is Petris first morning with us and if going to learn the fast way that Rainer does not enjoy being up before noon . We get back to the camper and Rainer is cranky that we are both early risers , gets up and we decide to go get some food to make breakfast . At the supermarket i buy some meat, cheese , Pringles , and my favorite drink in Europe ( Mirinda orange soda ) . For some reason ( i guess different water ) all the cola and other drinks i enjoy back home don't taste the same here so i look for something new to like and Mirinda was my fav !!!! I buy a 6 pack of 1 litre bottles to last the rest of the trip.

Obviously we are craving some power for our laptops , phones and anything with power so we go on a hunt around Bad Tolz after eating our sandwiches for breakfast . Drive here ,drive there and give up ....lets start heading to Austria . Just past the border we need to get a vignette ( pass to drive in the country ) it costs just under 10 Euros , and seems to be a trend in the countries south of Germany . I am in a German camper so that might mean something but i never asked ....Rainer figures out there is a nice park we can stop at to eat and power up and relax for a while . We have a practise in Villach,Austria on this night but have some time to kill ( apparently) . So we pay 3 Euros to plug in our camper and Rainer makes us all a great lunch while we air out our equipment at this picturesque spot ( which we ruined for that day LOL ) . This is not the only reason we stop , like i said we don't have how do you say ....the proper necessities!

We continue on our way to Villach and i pass out ......Upon awaking i am posed with the question , should we just keep going to Ljubljana , Slovenia ? Umm, are we gonna miss our practise ? Yes for sure ! Where are we ? We are going on a train !......Ok at this point confusion sets in , we are stopped and i need a piss and a smoke, it is dark out and there is a lineup of cars , waiting to go on a train ! NO SHIT ! So i am still confused and i record us getting onto the train, yeah we take the camper onto a train get out go into the passenger car and drive for about 15 minutes through mountains ( 17 Euros for camper) . We made a wrong turn somewhere and took the long away , apparently even GPS directed us to this dead end and told us to turn back , at the dead end was the train to go through to Villach.

Deciding to go directly to Ljubljana , we remember that Villach was our chance to shower. Personally i enjoy showering daily and interacting with other humans , not gonna happen today ! Needing a vignette upon arriving in Slovenia we purchase one that lasts 7 days for about 18 Euros and we continue on the road to Ljubljana. Deciding to celebrate a bit i open up the bottle of Crown Royal i brought with me from Canada. Crown Royal and Coke mmmm!!!! get our buzz on and get lost a few more times before arriving in the city centre in Ljubljana, we decide that i should go into a hotel to ask if we can shower there before going to check out the nightlife there ( 140 Euros it would have cost as we would have had to rent the room ) . So we end up parking the camper in the best logistic place, right in parking lot for main train station there ( abandoned at night hahaha) . Park the camper and jump into a taxi ...."Is there somewhere open where we can sit down and have a drink " , " Yes my family has bar , i take you " ......The taxi driver took us on a scenic route and dropped us off at a dead end ( cars can't drive in the city centre) , gives us directions and we are off looking for a bar called Skelet . It is packed , with a very special drink special ( LOL) 2 mix drinks for 10 euros ! not really a special is it ? my beer was double the size of both drinks put together and cost me 4 Euros , so we get our drinks and try to find a seat ......and wait, and wait , and yes a table open! Too bad once we sat down the place began to empty out , but we had a few drinks for our first night in Slovenia ! Petri figured that nobody knows where Rainer is ( because we have been offline for so long ) and decides to take a picture of this skeleton with Rainers hat on and post it on facebook , it good instant reaction!

After leaving the bar ,Rainer heard a disco and tried to find it .....but we never found it , instead showing up at a restaurant across from the train station ( our home for the night ) . We had kebab , i tried to order a wrap ( Yufka?) but ended up with a sandwich ( Durum) and was not happy but ate it regardless. Food and eating are becoming and issue for me as i am complaining more and more about the service and selections . I have to realize that i am not gonna get jerk chicken or roti in europe , and i should settle for what i can get but i am stubborn :( sorry guys. We head home across the street and pass out after hearing our favorite joke ...The Italian who went to Malta !

i wanna piss on the plate !

Day 20 : The Search For Power

Woke up at the train station , at least i had my bags...Rob was apparently robbed of his bag with all his documents, passport, etc, while he stayed in Munich that night . ( you should have stayed with us Rob ) Today we have to pick our friend from Finland ( Paskalintu ) Petri Riihelainen , he is landing at Munich airport to join us on our way to Cortina D'Ampezzo ( tournament ,Italy ) . So i am awake about 3 hours before Rainer even though we went to bed at the same time ( LOL) and i decide to scour the train station for somewhere with power! The camper is awesome but we could never figure out how to keep a charge in it to power the lights in it overnight ( yes we need candles ) . So i am basically behind on my blogging due to a lack of power for my laptop. And it is not like home ( Toronto) where there are places to plug in everywhere , you can't even find power outlets on the outsides of arenas, train stations, nowhere! So we begin driving around looking for a camper parking lot with power ...we keep stopping at parking lots with no power until we finally find one . We charge up as much as we can until we have to drive to the airport to meet Petri .

We drive to Munich airport and we are totally confused about where to go ( it is a maze there around the airport and inside of it too ) Petri is confused too . Rainer parks the camper and goes in to meet Petri and they both emerge with big smiles on their faces , and Petri is introduced to the Hockey Wagon , AKA The Love Boat ( LOL) . I let Petri sit in the front so he does not get too scared to run off to the next plane away from this beast of a vehicle . We begin our drive to Bad Tolz to have a practise with a hobby league team there . On most days i had and have no clue as to what is going on and for some reason no one knew that we were there to play hockey , the team that we were there to practise with did not even know . Rainers contact was nowhere to be found , but somehow we weaseled our way onto the ice with their 3 goalies and 8 skaters ( without us ) . These guys were not good but we wanted to use the showers after ( LOL) yeah no shower in camper so city to city , hockey , shower on the road rules !

I get onto the ice and these guys must be whining in German about the fact that there are already 3 goalies, but i don't give a i was lucky enough to get 15 minutes of ice time and jump into the shower. After the guys got off the ice we went for a bite to eat and drove to a park to park our camper , tonight we get to sleep beside a stream . Tomorrow we begin our drive to Cortina , no drinking tonight , nursing hangover from Oktoberfest .....

Day 19 : Oktoberfest Sucks

Waking up on a Monday , all the teams had already left to catch their trains to Munich.We were still in the arena parking lot long after everyone was gone. Like i have mentioned earlier , i am an early riser and i was up and ready to go by 9 AM . Rainer ( our nightlife manager ) on the other hand was not :( so basically i strolled around bored out of my mind waiting for Kackvogel to wake up . I might be wrong but i am pretty sure it was around 1 PM that he awoke ...

We drive to a small town on the outskirts of Munich and park the camper at a train station , which will take us directly to Oktoberfest. All kinds of people dressed in traditional gowns, it is like Halloween without the scary costumes . Getting off the train there are thousands of people all trying to get to Oktoberfest. There is a police van pumping music  ( yes strange ???) .Getting to our tent ( Hippodrome ) we enter and everyone is totally hammered , music is pumping , and so is my headache...
Now let me make this clear ....yes ,i got hammered , yes , i did end up dancing on the table , but all in all Oktoberfest SUCKS !!!! When i got there people are pushing me , strange women are pawing at me to dance , guys from the tournament are all trashed ( smacking my hat and wrestling around LOL ) . This is all especially annoying when you are hungover and kinda too sober to be in this crowd . So let me explain the ridiculous rules for this glamour tent ( apparently ). NO HATS ALLOWED ( so even guys in there getups *hats included in getups* were asked to remove them ) i kept mine on somehow for quite some time , was asked on numerous times but basically began to just ignore everyone there . YOU MUST BE SITTING DOWN TO ORDER A BEER ( with 10 people squeezed on table ) so when i tried to order Paul Loretan a beer at one point he was standing , so he sat and i tried to order the beer , they said no where he is sitting there are more than 10 people now. So he moved and they said no again , because i was standing ! Paul might not remember this but I DO !

It took us 45 friggin minutes to get a beer , which were like 9 Euros each . I gave our first server a 20 and got no change, when i asked how much it was he seemed pissed that i called him on it and gave me my change back :) I do not tip for absolutely horrible service ( i worked in service industry for 7 years in one of my past lives ) so when we get our beers the next rule is that you can not stand with your beer , so with everyone from the tournament in this tent spread out at different tables , i never got to say bye to alot of people ....either drink beer , or abandon and go watch another table drink beer ...i chose to drink beer ! ( sorry guys, and BYE ! , nice meeting you all !)

Eventually we find Rob Carter ( the only Rainman All Star at the tent until we showed ) , we find out from him that he missed the train that morning and spent 150 Euros to take a taxi instead of coming with us ( it gets weirder for poor Rob) . After finally sitting down with him we are immediately asked to mover to another table , and didn't see Rob again ....our server was a total bitch . I was pissed that they wanted us to move , got another beer ( NO TIP ) and soon after was asked to leave! We had these stupid bracelets on that only were for 3 hours of entry , fine is fine but people that had no bracelets were not being asked to leave ??? so we tore ours off ( hehehehe) . I was kinda feeling buzzed at some point and decided to ask our server why she was not happy , and if she would just smile ...her reply was " when you leave this tent i will smile " , service is not a priority in the most part of Europe, i guess i am spoiled here in North America :) . I granted her wish and left the tent ...

Outside the tent i saw the Dancing Bears (Calgary) , they were kinda unhappy about being asked to leave also and were on their way to a wine tent apparently last i saw them . I waited for Rainer but he was not coming , so i went back in ....not even stopped by security i took my place back at the table where we were sitting . I continued drinking as much as i can and began to dance on the table having a great time ( have to get drunk to have fun ) , we decided to leave and go on some rides , like a couple little kids we went on the swing and some cheesy horror house ride ( LOL ) stupid thing spit on us at the end ! After our 2 disappointing rides we decided to go get us some Kebab ( with no luck ) and just went home to our camper at the train station ....we really know how to choose the good cheap spots to park . Tomorrow we add a 3rd man to our adventure .
Don't be upset that i think Oktoberfest sucks, yes i agree i was definitely at the wrong tent ....i am not going to try to find the right tent . Veni Vidi Vici ...not again LOL!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 18: The Last Day in Fussen

Woke up nice and early still feeling the effects of our first day in Fussen but finally ready to play . Not much of a choice to eat in this city for breakfast so i am off to McDonald's AGAIN.When i arrive back at the arena i watch the ending of HC Sittertal (we play them later that day ) vs. Nitro Karpat (Finland) Nitro wins easily 11-3 and the guys from Switzerland are already drinking. Paul comes out and we begin joking about our game later on that day . At this point we decide to pull a gag on everyone before our game and fake a fight when the teams line up .

The day goes on and some of our teammates are playing for other teams ( Swiss Selects , i think ?) Timo gets inured and is out for our game . Andi and Sybille have to leave that day as well. Then i find out that Dom has a problem he has to take off to deal with at his home , this other guy plays for other team then asks Rainer ( apparently ) if he can skip our game . Rainer told him we had a short bench so he stayed ...the guys that were injured or had to leave were all great guys and i look forward to playing on the same hockey team with you all !

We head to the dressing room to find out that another player ditches us after telling Rainer that he would be paying him on the last day ( personally i thought this was low as i heard him with my own ears say this ) , i mean the guy must have come into the room while we were partying upstairs at the bar grabbed his equipment and disappeared into the night ???? Our weak D is not there and we have just enough skaters , was happy he was not there and we were up 1-0 vs HC Sittertal until he shows up ! Once he stepped on the ice we became a different team and promptly we went down 1-2 . HC Sittertal were mostly drunk and they were beating us and my frustrations were kicking in as we were being outplayed .

Oh and the fake fight Paul and myself wanted to do never happened as Pauls coach apparently wanted a serious team to come out to play us .They wanted to win ....some of us wanted to win too but not enough of us ! Somehow we tied the game 2-2 and ended up 5th out of 7 teams . After the game we wanted a team photo and one of our players left the ice and waved us off like a DICKHEAD . He had the nerve to try to say bye to me after but i ignored him .

After our game our hopeless d tells Rainer he will pay him at the banquet . The jerk was a no show , really do people that do this realize that they have no class ?So basically there were only 4 of us at the banquet representing the Rainman Allstars ( Rainer, Timo, Rob and myself) so i accepted the team trophy .Then we went to dinner at some other location .We ate a decent meal and Timo took me to see the castles ( one which is the logo for Walt Disney) amazing sights but it is night time so not much for photo ops....heading back to the restaurant i bump into Chucky the goalie ( French Canadian ) he was playing for Madrid Veteranos . Totally a class act !!! During the tournament he even helped me fix my mask and was always sharing great stories of his times at other tournaments .

Rainer is looking for me AGAIN ( LOL ) , show up at the restaurant and he and Timo are hanging out with the Dancing Bears ( Calgary) we begin drinking ! Head over to Moskito bar and kept drinking and at some point i realize that the morning after is Oktoberfest ( i thought we were gonna go early ) , so i go back to the camper without Rainer and without the key . Realizing this when i get to the camper i begin to devise a plan to get in , found a loose window grabbed a twig and opened window. Found a bunch of empty cases of beer ( in Europe cases are hard plastic not cardboard boxes like here in Canada ) piled them up and had a staircase to the window fat ass won't fit through the window LOL ! Rainer pulls up in a taxi , i did not know it was him so i hid behind the camper thinking that i don't want to spend a night in prison here , and i was glad to see him and he was surprised to see what i was doing . In his amazement he asked me for some money , i asked him for the key ....i went to bed and he went to the disco ( which i never went to ???)  Tomorrow is Oktoberfest

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 17 : I Am Not Drinking Ever Again ( LOL)

Rainer chewed up his knuckles last night trying to wake me up , but Dominic had no problems waking me up . He said the magic words, " we are on the ice in 10 minutes " Thank God we are parked in the parking lot of the arena! So i drag my drunken ass inside and get the round of applause on arrival ( LOL !) .2 games today with our first match vs. Dortrecht Lions ( Holland ) good thing they were a weaker team then we were , we outplayed them and won 6-2. Don't ask about highlights , i have no recollection of this game .

After the game we had a long break and i was feeling the effects of the night before . I was offered a beer , took it, had a sip ....then went to barf in the shower . Getting sick after a night of hard drinking usually means i am making room for more , this was not the case . So off to McDonalds to grease up . Still did not work , guess i am not drinking tonight . With a 2-2 record and a game against the Russians i decide to stick to cola . Yeah the bartender laughed at my request . Drinking beer was not an option.

So our second game of the day was vs. St. Petersburg Medvedvi ( Russia ) . These guys were undefeated and had already beaten the 2 teams we had lost to . It was a really close game and we had our chances, they were just the better team . We lost 3-1 but i was happy to say they did not kill us . I felt as though we gained a little respect . Going into our last game tomorrow vs. HC Sittertal ( Switzerland) we had a chance to take 4th place , hopefully this D of our does not show, he got hurt during this game and we played a million times better without him .

After the game there was a party taking place in the city centre , which i went to but was constantly being offered drinks . I was really biting my lip saying no repetitively , and watched everyone get drunk ! Being the only sober person there and after bothering Rainer numerous times to head back to the camper with me , i decided to leave on my own . Rainer kept saying he was going to just finish that drink and basically at one point i saw him ordering his infamous Jaeger shots and decided not to bother him anymore. So i go off on my own not really knowing which direction to walk and being a little leary of getting into trouble . I arrive at the camper without the keys and then begin to devise a way to get in on my own . I find a loose window and begin to pry it open , find some cases of empty beer and build my stepladder only to find out i can't fit my fat ass through the window....oh shit a car is coming ! Hoping it is not the police i hide behind the camper only to find that it is Rainer LOL ....he lets me in , borrows some cab fare and my day is now over !

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 16 : Rainman All-Stars

If you did not know i will let you all know , i am an early riser i got up and wandered around grabbed a coffee ,got bored and started to bug Rainer to wake up . He was not happy ,but for the life of me i will never understand why some people need to sleep 12 hours???? I am not saying that Rainer sleeps 12 hours but he truly enjoys his time with his eyes closed !

On the road again , we stop for a bite to eat. Over in Europe for some reason they consider cheese and ham on bread no likey ( seriously i am missing bacon ). I take the opportunity to take some roadside pics and we continue our drive to Fussen. Once we arrive i wander around to check out the rink, after that we set up shop in the arena parking lot. One by one our teammates arrive and i finally get to meet Rob Carter . Rob is a Newfie ( Canadian LOL) living and playing hockey in Qatar. Exchanging stories i find out that he is the guy that scored the tying goal against  me in Dubai when i played for the Malta Pirates in 2005 .Now i have a face to go with that nightmare LOL!

Our first game is against Nitro Karpat ( Finland) , now remember we are a mixed team of guys that have never met each other ( aside from me knowing Dr. Timo Koerner and Andi Tanzer ) and Nitro Karpat are a team of ex- pros from Sm-Liga in Finland . Needless to say we had 2 guys playing D for us that i feel should not be playing hockey . They made some really good passes to the other team , it was embarassing to lose 6-1 , gave it my all but it was not good enough .
Game 2 is immediately after game 1 , no rest just stay on the ice . Tournament has a crazy format , 30 min games , 1 period ! Now we play Golem Team ( Slovakia) . These guys were the best team at the tournament hands down , our d made them look better . So yeah we got thumped 8-3 . Finally we have a rest before we play San Diego ( USA )

Most of you already know that i can play well under the influence so i decide to gets me some spinach like Popeye . Chug 2 beers and back on the ice ! Rob and myself being both Canadians swore to each other that we will not lose to the Americans , and we didn't ! This was my best game , making saves and really yelling alot . Huge glove save with under 3 minutes left and a flurry of shots pepper me , have to mention the crossbar that saved my ass , we win 3-2.

Let the celebrations begin ! After our win i must have had 2 or 3 more beers just sitting in the dressing room . Leaving about 1.5 hours after our game to meet some people . Upon going outside i bump into some Swiss guys from HC Sittertal ( coolest , most fun groupl at this tourney BY FAR !) amongst them is this burly man still in his underwear named Paul Loretan . Paul is a Canadian , with a swiss accent that has been living in Switzerland forever. He originally moved there to play hockey and eventually opened his own bar Yambalaya . Paul brought about 30 kegs and a beer fridge to the tournament and promptly invited me into their room for a beer .
After a while we headed out to enjoy dinner with Timo , Andi , Rob and Rainer and then went to Moskito Bar , which the owner opened just for us . It got kinda wild , i got pretty drunk and got the keys for the camper off Rainer , for some reason i left the keys somewhere for Rainer but he could not find them and i basically locked him out . Yes Rainer slept outside .....can't wait for tomorrows hangover to kick in , early game vs. the Dutch team ....

Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 15 : Bayern Munich

Time to pack the camper! Rainers mother was kind enough to do my laundry and it was dry and ready to pack ....backpack packed ,placed into camper! It is now that i realize how much alcohol we are taking with us , let the party begin !

So off to Bayern Munich Champions League match vs. AS Roma . We have to meet Wolfgang Klose and his daughter Julia , to make things easier Wolfgang and Julia meet us somewhere on the outskirts of Munich. Parking the camper in a mall parking lot we get into Wolfgangs vehicle and off to the game .

68,000 people all packing into the Allianz Arena ! We stop for a beer and some sausage, continuing into the stadium we decide more beer would be necessary so we purchase these cards in the arena , money is not exchanged at the booths inside so i put 20 Euros onto this card and go to purchase some bevvy's :) to my dismay alcohol is not sold in the stadium :( least i got my scarf .

I was planning to meet my friend Nate at the game, he was supposed to call Rainers cell, apparently he called a good 15 times but from someone elses mobile so Rainer was not answering .At halftime we were wondering if he was even there, and then the phone was Nate ! I ran down a level to go meet him , big smiles as Nate is someone i really wanted to see . He was my host on my last trip to Europe and i thought it would be rude to not see him , good seeing you bud !

Got back to my seat just in time to see Bayern score the first goal ! The stadium errupted , what an experience . I took plenty of video and pics , out of all the video i have taken so far the video i have of Klose scoring Bayerns second goal tops them all by far . Bayern wins the game 2-0 and we leave the stadium looking for somewhere to get my money back , 20 Euros dwindled to 12 and change ( Cola is about 4 euros each ) found out the hard way i guess :(

Back to our camper ,we say our boodyes to Wolfgang and Julia ( hope to see you bother some day soon ) . We had to gas up and start our 2.5 hour trek to Fussen for the tourney that starts the day after . Both of us were really tired so we stop at a truck rest stop to sleep . This is the first time i have ever had to sleep on the side of a highway . good night .....