Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ice Hockey Bahamas ?

I hate having to back out of any tournament , unfortunately i have had a minor dilemma .... 2 of my closest friends ( that i have never mentioned on blog before ) Tara & Mike are getting married . I went to high school with both of these people and they have been dating and living with each other for quite some time so they have finally decided to get married :)

The problem being that i was going to go to a tournament in Las Vegas with my friends from Hawaii , that would have been long weekend in May and Mike is planning his stag for the weekend before ... yeah i know they are not at the same time ! The problem is that Mike's stag party is in the Bahamas , which means i can't afford to go to both .

Now i am pretty sure there is a rink at the Breezes resort in the Bahamas :) and i already told Mike that IF i go i will want to take my equipment and he is understanding of this ... i mean how many times am i going to be in the Bahamas ? probably never again .... i am not really interested in going to resorts , they are boring . Yes you heard me , they are absolutely insanely boring as shit to me . I know free drinks ( that you prepay for ) and beaches ( which i don't care for ) and water ( i don't swim ) ... sounds great ? NO ! That all being said it is for a good friend and i know that the guys that will go will be a lot of fun to hang out and drink with , but the hidden reason that i will consider going is that i am pretty sure there is a rink there ...

If anyone out there is reading this and have any connections to this rink please let me know . I have sent the resort an email this past weekend and have yet to receive a response ( i am quite impatient ) . I really hope my friends in Hawaii understand my dilemma , if they paid for my trip to Las Vegas i would definitely go as the only reason i can't go is because i can't afford to pay for both trips . I WISH I WON THE LOTTERY LOL . but i didn't ....

Mike & Tara's wedding means a lot to them and they mean a lot to me so i have to go to the Bahamas to enjoy the sun and alcohol with some great friends .... hopefully the rink is still open :) 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

If i won the lottery

Another Saturday morning being wasted away day dreaming of travelling ...well maybe not wasted :)

Every week ( most weeks ) i play the lottery here . Every week i dream of winning the lottery , and every week i lose the lottery ....what if i won the lottery ? hmmm... i think the first thing i would do is pack my hockey gear and drive to the airport . If i won this weekend i know i would want to head out to Bangkok for the City of Angels Tournament which starts in a couple weeks , then i could fly to Tachov ,Czech Rep to play in the tournaments there at the end of April and beginning of May . I would probably just keep flying around for who knows how long . Probably for the rest of my life .

Yeah i would probably buy some stuff , like new goalie pads , new hockey bag ... you know things that people really need . Nah a house would be useless aside from it being a giant trophy room i would never be there , and who would need a car with my lifestyle i would just need taxi and if i won enough possibly a private jet ... not sure if i could afford it if i won 50 million dollars ? maybe i could , regardless first class would be mine !

Of course i would donate some money to charity ... but that charity would have to be hockey related :) i would like to see children from obscure hockey countries to be able to learn the sport , so if anyone knows of a charity to donate equipment then let me know . Well let me win the lottery first then let me know , i think i am going to win this week or next . It is in the plans , already marked it on my calendar . What a dream come true that would be .

Some say that money can't buy you happiness but right now at this moment i can call bullshit on anyone that says that ! If you give me even 100 thousand i would be happier then a pig in shit .... until then i will continue dreaming. In my world happiness = travelling + hockey , to do this money is needed which means that money would bring me happiness .

If you know the winning numbers , maybe you are a psychic or something ... let me know and i might cut you in on the winnings . Until then i am going to keep daydreaming ... it is hard not to with all these tournament invites coming my way these days . I wish i could go to them all .