Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh Well ...

Been seeing all sorts of status updates on Facebook that include Bangkok Tournament ... kinda wish i went but just not in the budget . I hope all my friends overseas have a good , safe tournament out there !

The other day got an invite to go back to Hawaii and i can't do that either ... i will be on my way to the Czech Republic with my Ghetto Blasters hockey club which doesn't make me feel so bad about saying no but regardless i always wish to rejoin teams i have played with in future tournaments . To date i have only returned to play for 1 team in more then 1 tournament , the Rainman Allstars .

This trip that i am planning to Europe is still up in the air and could go sour in a minutes notice . At this time i am just hoping that we can get enough skaters to join us in Estonia . If any of you reading this are interested in coming let me know , it is in January and should be quite the trip . Pretty sure at the moment we have 5 skaters not including myself . If we don't have enough for a full roster then i am not sure if i will be going , it is all up to my good buddy Rainer . There have been a few failed attempts at trips before so hopefully this is not the case or i will have to just wait until April for a big trip .

And if any of my buddies in BKK are wondering ... yes i am jealous ! There is always next year i guess ... oh well .

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Next Trip

Wassup !

So it has been 6 months since my last trip to Hawaii and i am itching to get the heck outta dodge , not that i hate Toronto or anything ... i just love travelling :)

It has been hard passing on this trip and that trip , most of my hockey trips need a few key things to make them worth while . New countries to visit , cheap places to stay , and most of the time Rainer ! The guy is like my German brother ... we have been on 2 huge trips together and were hoping all along this year that we could get on the same team for Bangkok but that never happened so i dropped that trip regretfully as i always have wanted to play in the big BKK tournament in October .

Alas some brainstorming got me the idea to go somewhere really cold to play the good ol' game ! Last night Rainer sent me the itinerary we will try to follow .... Looks like i will be flying to Germany to meet Rainer then fly to Sweden where we will catch a ferry to Estonia . Then we will take a bus to Latvia where we will catch another ferry back to Sweden ...... now i have been to Germany before but Sweden , Latvia , and Estonia are going to be totally new to me . Boy oh boy am i excited !

The main event on this 2.5 week trip will be the big tournament in Tallinn, Estonia here is the event link from Facebook!/event.php?eid=228016347255155 if you are interested in joining our team let me or Rainer know ! This is a far cry from the tournament/beach parties ... this will be cold ...very cold ! I like the cold but i have to make sure i am prepared for this one ....thermal socks , boots and undies are going to have to be purchased . Obviously i will be packing heavy since pants and boots are heavier then shorts and sandals so i will have to figure out my packing arrangement .

Nothing is booked as of yet but i am looking at flights that i should book in the next few weeks .... looks like i will have another crazy adventure to blog about ....please stay tuned ;)

and have a great day !