Monday, July 1, 2019

Bookings and Plans

Back home and back at work . Well not particularly today as it’s Canada Day 🇨🇦 here so we all get the day off and of course on theses long weekend weeks in my industry there is usually less jobs booked around long weekends so I have the next week off to get ready for my trip to Minnesota to go watch Aston Villa play Minnesota United in a soccer ⚽️ friendly . Travelling to the States now is murder for us Canadians and our flailing dollar but it’s a must when my favourite team visits the continent . If you haven’t realized I’ve had my issues writing on my last couple trips as my posts have gone missing using this app and really I’m coming to my wits end and I might have to just start my own website and carry on .... in the mean time I am still planning future trips and after Minnesota the next planned trip is to Turkmenistan 🇹🇲! 

This Turkmenistan trip has been in the works for some time now and I am really excited to join the Friendship Hockey League on this exciting journey which just so happens to be near my birthday . Flights are not booked yet as I am using my Aeroplan points to do this one and as I juggle dates by adding a kickoff in Istanbul with the Tanzmanian Devil 😈 himself who is also coming to Ashgabat . I have a hockey buddy that I met in Macedonia years ago named Tarik Gocmen who is very well connected in Turkish ice hockey circles who has told us we can get on the ice while we are there . As you see above there is a flyer for a tournament in Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 which is just after my stay in Ashgabat and it starts on my birthday so why not go there also ??? So I signed up 🥳 honestly I don’t think I have ever heard of Fox Ice Hockey Cup which is a surprise but the organizer seems to be very well organized so far and has been very helpful . If anyone is looking to come to Turkmenistan or Kazakhstan then please follow the links provided and ask the questions you need to ask to make it happen . I am pretty sure I will be on a team of individuals in Kazakhstan at the tournament so there should not be high expectations hahaha ! 

Let’s hope work keeps me busy so I can pay for all this stuff ! Countries #41,42,43 would look nice on my stick bag .... I’m keeping this short and sweet in the hopes that the app doesn’t delete another long post that I put so much time into 😢