Sunday, October 30, 2016

Yucky Jet Lag

Alrighty so here I am in beautiful Birmingham . It wasn't easy getting here with 3 flights that we're all delayed but somehow I made it unscathed :) actually I'm quite surprised that my bag made it to . Just remember if you need your baggage/equipment to arrive same day as you to always book with connecting flights that have at least a 2 hour layover . I was not in a rush to get here to play hockey upon arrival so I risked it when I booked these flights with a 55 minute layover in Zurich . It became even more riskier when my flight from Montreal to Zurich was delayed and even though the cabin crew kept saying we will make up for the lost time in the air we never did .... In fact we arrived when my next flight was boarding !!!! So what's the chances I catch this flight in another terminal and even worse what chances don't have to see my bags when i get there ??? If you ask me I would say slim to none ! I was wrong .....

Much to my shigrin ... My equipment did arrive with me ... How ? I don't know :) but I do know I was quite surprised as I waited at the baggage claim all I thought was there is no way it made it but it did . I then walked to the car park and waited for my good buddy Karl McNelly to pick me up and we headed into the city center quickly to grab my new Villa top and get my phone sorted at Vodafone with my new SIM card .... Yeah my old number I had is no longer but that's no big deal anyways . 

Hotels were ridiculously priced when I was booking this trip and I am lucky enough to have a solid friend like Brett Bates and his family . Elaine Bates is Brett's mum and she is quality people :) I am lucky enough to be able to use Brett's room while I'm here and it is saving me loads . That was my next stop out pretty much near BearWood . Coffee was waiting upon arrival and I got the rundown and given my own key then I jumped in the shower (man did I stink) and went for a 25 min walk over back to Karl's to go watch some footie at the pub . We went to The Bear which is the bar I met Karl in a few years back before going to that Slam Dunk Fest . Funny part of that story is that I ended up giving the bartender there a free pass , Ben Lucas you are a lucky fella :) it was nice to see you again ! I had one of the greasiest burgers I have ever laid my eyes on with a few pints and then jet lag kicked in . 

Karl and I hiked it back to his and had another pint there before I hiked it back home . The walk back was interesting seeing kids trick or treating ??? It's not Halloween yet ! And fireworks everywhere for the Indian festival Dawali ( hope I spelled that right ) of course when I got back to Elaine's place I caught my second wind and she was getting ready to go out with her friend . The cocktails were flowing so I got to try the lovely vodka that I brought over for her ... This Georgian Bay Vodka is quality ! I couldn't go out again though as have to get up early for this massive derby match against a team I hate with all my heart ! I can't wait to shout my lungs out for my Villa . 

Today was a great day :) 

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