Thursday, September 7, 2017

World Record Attempt

Surely a few of you have been wondering where I'm going next .... maybe not but here we go . This is gonna be insane but some friends are attempting to play an ice hockey game at the highest point imaginable in the Himalayas !!! My friends from The Hockey Foundation are organizing an event with The Guinness Book of World Records to play a game at the highest altitude ever , here is a look at the itinerary Hockey With Altitude . This won't be cheap as the cost to get boards and get them set up there won't be cheap . Apparently the boards have been purchased from Austria and are being shipped there for this event . From what I have heard from organizer Adam Sherlip is that the cost is a bit more then $20,000 USD to attain and ship these boards which will be donated for a new rink which is being built in Leh, India . Hopefully we can all pitch in and help with the funds to pay for this and if you are interested in helping you can make a donation on this  Generosity Donation Page.

Now as you see this is not going to be a cheap day out . The cost for having the Guinness Book Of World Records officials and the purchase and shipping of boards etc... will be helped out with everyone's participation and from what I gather from the team I am joining it will cost each person on the team roughly €2200 covering flight from Germany and all expenses included like travel to the mountains and some tourist stuff included also . This is not including what will have to be paid to get to Germany to meet our team .... Rainman All-Stars. Yes its been a few years since I have played with these guys but there is no other people I would rather have my name beside in the world records . Currently my friend Fiorenzo Arcadi is trying to help me get some sponsorship  ... if you have ever visited me in Toronto then for sure you have met Fiorenzo as he is the owner of my favorite hockey store Toronto Hockey Repair . If anyone is willing to pitch in with help paying for flight or entrance fee which is around $750 cdn then please contact me ! With or without help I'm doing this and trust me there will be no bday celebrations or Christmas holiday if I can make this happen ... there will be some sacrifices to be made .

This event is due to occur at the end of January so there is some time to help out if you are interested ? Hopefully some big name company will see this and want to donate some equipment or a friendly cash donation to the donation page linked above . Personally I am hoping to leave some goalie equipment and whatever I can gather from friends to drag along with me to India . India is a country that has recently joined the IIHF and are putting their best foot forward to make the game of ice hockey grow in their country . It's an uphill battle though with funds being mainly raised through donations so every dollar helps . If you are the adventurous type like myself there is also a link on the donation page to sign up to play ... at the moment I think registration is $750 per skater , this is a once in a lifetime opportunity so if you are interested don't hesitate as this event will fill up . And this money will go to a good cause ... trust me this won't be lining anyone's pockets as I said before I personally know the organizer and he is all about making hockey stick in this part of the world !

Check out the video link below to see more about this unbelievable event .

If you are a looking to sponsor me or anyone involved with this event please feel free to contact me at . I would be more then happy to wear gear to be left behind for someone to use in India . 

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