Sunday, November 20, 2016

Back to Brum

So this happened a few days ago and I have been too plastered to write about it . With less then 24 hours left in my trip now I will try to catch up as today as usual will be hopefully very chill .... You never know though judging from my last night I wrote about :) that next morning I had to get up at 4 am to get to the airport for 5 am .... This was all after drinking all night in Bucharest with The Michelin Boys !!! I was feeling like shit and Nebojsa woke up and called me a taxi . When the taxi arrived I said bye and tried to stuff my massively overweight bag . I've accepted too many hockey gifts and my bag is bursting from the seams . My bag had to go in the back seat while I sat up front with the disgruntled taxi driver who sped along and got me to the airport with plenty of time to spare . 

There used to be a time that I enjoyed flying Lufthansa but those days are long gone since they became a money grubbing company that are only a step above Ryan Air when it comes to their thievery . Show up early to deal with bags and try holding a smile in my drunken state :) my bag is so heavy I get told it has to go as cargo ? This is a new one .... Good thing I have a bag inside my bag . Good thing for Lufthansa ? Yeah the money grubbing dirt balls sucked €80 out of my wallet like a vacuum . You can't even disagree , just pay the fees and move on . The days of getting by without paying for luggage are long behind us . Don't even want to think what I'm paying tomorrow :( 

The first flight was OK aside from the little woman sitting in the middle seat that had to talk the entire flight !!! Shut the f*#k up please ! Not only that ... She was small so she turned around and was constantly hitting me in the ribs with her elbows so she could be comfortable .... These Romanian women are really a piece of work . When we arrived in Frankfurt I blew by her and that was that .... Then I chilled out there for a few hours and waited anxiously for my flight to Burmingham . Another Lufthansa flight but this time I ended up with someone with a bit of class beside me and I slept like a baby . 

Once I arrived in Brum I jumped in a taxi and dropped my bags off at Jury's Inn and headed off to meet some friends quickly before heading back to the hotel to meet Daniel Peever ... Who was late and i ended up meeting Aideen Quinn and had my first pint in the hotel before meeting Mike Steede and heading to his for a nice curry ... It really was good and I gobbled it all :) love a good curry ! Mike stayed in and Peever , Aideen and myself heade to O'Neills pub on Broad street to have a few pints . It's one of the only places without a stupid dress code . Who cares what kind of shoes I'm wearing ? Really ?

Aideen left early and we carried on with our pints and scratchings . Yes I'm over the horror of the hairy scratching :) we tied one on and headed to the only place you go to when you are drunk on broad st. .... The kebab shop :) I think it is called yum yum and really it should be called no no but it's food , I think lol ! We called it a night and went back to our rooms . Tomorrow is the big road trip to Brighton and we have to be up early . Not sure what time it was but it wasn't that early . Nothing new ....

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