Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 8 South America : Iguacu Falls

Feeling a bit fuzzy from the drinks , but I am an early bird :) had to be up early to book our helicopter trip . The booking agent is open at 730 am and I was down stairs before she was there . By the time I got upstairs the other guys were up . We booked our trip and had breakfast ! It was actually a decent breakfast , no bacon but at least there were eggs instead of sandwiches which I will never agree being a breakfast . It is a North American thing where we have bacon and eggs for brekkie :(

Our shuttle arrived at 10 am and we headed to the falls ! First thing we did was our helicopter trip which was nice . Only problem is we were told we would be alone in the chopper unfortunately that was not true . There was s family of Americans with the ugliest mongloid children I have ever seen !! Somehow we were ahead of them but they ended up with the front row and a window in the back ??? We had to sit in the middle and really we were very disappointed the way we were treated ! It was fucking bullshit that 2 out of 3 of us say in middle and all 4 of them had window seats , what little view we had was beautiful but to be honest it was a waste of money . Still can't believe they did that to us . They basically make videos and the Americans told them they would buy it so the bastards treated them better ... Don't bother with doing that unless you want to get scammed !!! As a company all in all I would not endorse not will I mention their name ...

We were all disappointed but carried on to the falls which was unbelievably beautiful ! We wandered around for hours and got soaking wet LOL ! When we had lunch Andi got to meet an elderly inbreed cunt . She fully pushed her way in front of Andi so she could order food before him as she felt more important then the others . Now I don't care how old you are there is a queue for a reason and only an asshole would do something like that . To top it off the old hag didn't know what she wanted and interviewed the server for 5 minutes leaving everyone in line waiting for her big decision . I wanted to spit on her but didn't as I don't want to be classified as an inbred as I was raised to have manners ;) the food was not great anyways as it usually is not at these tourist traps .

We left the park and headed to the bird sanctuary across the road and we loved it there as you get to go into the cages with the birds . It was really cool and we all had a laugh when one bird posing with me chewed the button off the top of my hat . It was funny but I kinda hope that bird chokes on it hahaha . We caught our shuttle back and bumped into our British friends and made plans to go bowling and eat some Chinese food .

When we got to the Chinese restaurant I was not impressed as the buffet looked a week old and was almost empty ... Nothing was labelled and the smell made me sick so I went looking for somewhere else to eat on my own , instead I was gagging from the smell of the Chinese restaurant , my stomach was turning and I did not want to wait in the grease pit so I went back to let everyone know I was heading home instead of standing outside waiting . Basically I had 2 choices of sitting an dealing with that awful smell OR walking through a seedy neighbourhood at night to get a taxi . I took the lesser of the risks and started walking . It took about 15 minutes before I found a taxi and good thing because I would have walked the wrong way if I didn't . Felt bad that I skipped on bowling but I just couldn't deal with that smell :( I didn't even eat dinner as the smell turned me off of food , just went to bed early .

All in all I can say and always will say that I don't enjoy tourist traps and as you can guess this city is a giant one . I can't wait to leave ! The city is half run down and half tourist trap . If you plan on coming here doing stay long ! The falls are worth seeing but aside from that don't expect much as the city itself is a dump .  I am gonna go eat and pack my bags now as I have a taxi coming in a couple hours to take me away from this shit hole ;) 

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