Saturday, January 14, 2012

Survival mode

So here I am not enjoying my stay in Stockholm at all , this place is just way too pricey for the average traveller like me . Yesterday I took out the equivalent of €80 and basically spent it on a flag for my backpack, a magnet , 2 tea towels , lunch (kebab) and 2 beers with a late night hot dog . You must be thinking i am over exaggerating . I wish I was :(

I am writing this with no fear of re percussions from any Swedish hockey players I know ... Because none of them know how to reply to anything else ! Coming here was a total mistake and a waste of time . Only thing I can afford to do here is hide in my room on a Friday night and watch Rocky movies , yeah that was my Friday here pretty pathetic . You have to win a lottery to be able to afford a night out drinking here . Approximately $10 a beer here , I don't know many travellers with that kind of budget . And to be honest now that I think of it I don't remember ever seeing any travel shows in Sweden??? Wonder why ....

Now I don't want to disrespect anyone living here as they already know it is expensive . I am just warning my readers that if you are travelling on a budget to stay far away from here , you would need roughly $150-$200 a day here to have a really good time ... When I compare it to other countries I visited on this trip it just makes me sad . I think I spent that much in 4 days in Riga .

I am going to try to be optimistic today as we are going to a pro hockey game ( which is cheaper then a meal here ) and hopefully someone will make my day and get me in the ice here . If not you might see me streaking at this pro game out of frustration lol . Have to go eat my free breakfast and pocket some food for the day,wish I was joking but I am not ;(

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