Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Here are just a few pics from the last couple weeks of travelling , hope you enjoy them as much as i enjoyed experiencing them ...

Ferry we took from Stockholm to Tallinn

Rainer isn't it a bit cold ?

First icetime on this trip in Tallinn where we met our Estonian teammates

7 x 7 ft hostel room which we totally stunk up :)

Kill 'em ....pregame hype!

Sauna night with my awesome friends

me and my brother Rainer posing in dressing room in Tallinn

Christian Rautalin and myself posing in front of arena in Tallinn

this arena used to be a Soviet missile factory

Kalle Vaalitalo posing with championship trophy

at the Christmas market in Tallinn

Self service beer station , gotta love it !

Dinamo Riga KHL game vs. Dinamo Moscow

met Viktors Rozkalns on the way home from KHL game , we were lucky to meet him

outside the arena we practised in Riga

posing in front of monument in Riga

gave Viktor my scarf , he wore it with pride that evening

Ineta Jansone ( Zaya ) she got us on the ice in Riga , member of Latvian Womens Inline Federation

taught Toms a few goalie lessons with beer

if you get married in Riga you put a lock on this bridge , what happens when you divorce ? Bolt cutters rented down the road LOL

our cabin on ferry back to Stockholm from Riga

i hate being on boats , water is much better when frozen

the trophy currently is in 3 pieces , hoping to repair it with some hockey tape when i get home

world famous arena in Stockholm

at the SEL game AIK vs. Modo

lots of goals kept the game interesting

Hovet Arena is where the game was held , just across road from Globe Arena which is used for more important games

this is where we played hockey in Sweden

Jonas Rudberg arranged for us to play in Stockholm

3 crazy goalies in Stockholm

Ralf Dreiseitel arranged for us to play in Senden , Germany
too dark for picture of arena :( they closed after we got off the ice ...

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  1. Whew! It seems like you have been to a lot of good places. It must really be both exciting and tiring. It's a good thing that you considered sauna as one of your stopovers during your travel. It will help get you rejuvenated and charged up, so you can be ready for more adventures! Keep safe!