Thursday, January 12, 2012

Seriously you should all visit Riga !

Damn ! Just left Riga a couPle hours ago and I am already missing it :( you all must know that Riga is just unbelievable . The city is beautiful the food is great , beer is yummy ( except Aldaris ) if you ate a single man the women are lovely and everything is so cheap . We had an apartment for 3 night and it was roughly €160 for 2 people that is quite cheap . To top it all off the people are really friendly , where else have I randomly met someone on the streets and then spent 3 nights consecutively being shown around ? NOWHERE ... Victor you are a true friend and I already miss hanging out with you .

Victor was not the only amazing person we met a girl that prefers to be called Zaja ;) , she got us ice time when the louse that organizes a tournament there couldn't come through . She also joined us for beers at 1 point of our crazy night out last night ( which I am still hurting from )then to top it all off she gave us a ride to the ferry today .

The list goes on ... Toms was the goalie I gave some tips too at our skate and he even showed up to see us off last night , if you ever need any more pointers feel free to message me . The three of you people I am mentioning really struck a chord with me and I hope and wish to stay friends with you for the rest of my life ! Really some of the best people I have met !

Now mentioning all this doesn't mean that I have not met other amazing people in other countries it means that in my mind these peOple will always be the pEople that represent Latvia when I think back on this trip. It is definitely another city\country with a strong hockey community that I can guarantee any of you reading this would enjoy and appreciate !

At the moment I am cOnsidering dropping all my remaining trips this year in favor of saving for a year long trip in 2013 with my better half ... If this comes to fruition you can bet that I will be back in Riga ! After all now I have just to visit Lithuania to finish off the Baltic countries and you can bet your bottom dollar that I wouldn't dare miss out on visiting my new fond good friends after all a bus from Tallinn to Riga was only €20 that my friends was money well spent.

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  1. Thank U 4 a nice words :D
    I hope for everybody who will come to Riga-
    feelings will be the same- even
    cold, rain, wind, grey sky... :D
    we have ice all over the year
    and in-line hockey in summertime
    than is much more beautifull
    Rainer know it :D