Sunday, January 8, 2012

Saunas & shithawks pt. 2

The tournament began yesterday as most of our teammates arrived too late on Friday to play , our first game was at 4 pm ( thank god ) ! We Played team called Leningrad first , they had some really good young skaters and were the only other team from out of town . It started off as really close game but we went on to chase their first goalie with 3 goals in the first period , pretty sure the score was 3-1 at the half ( 2 period games ) the second half we really took over . Our young Estonian sniper Artjom lead the way with 2 goals and we went on to win 6-3.

Second game was 1 hour later and we played the host club the teams name was Mark Winner , they were not that good , and they were kinda dirty eventually we pounded the shit out of them and the game was over early due to their malicious play . That final was something like 7-1 , I should have had a shutout but it didn't matter , we won :)

The first game was at 4 , second was at 6 and our last game of the day was at 8 pm so we were tuckered out by the time we played this 1st division team called Tiigrid ( guess it means tiger in Estonian ), this team was really fast and came out swinging , pretty sure I must have stopped about 15 shots in the first 5 minutes ,eventually they got 1 by me catching me cheating on my short side , they were up 1-0 at the half :( the 2nd period started and the swarm cOntinued with this team of youngsters out skating our tired old hungover legs ( we all stayed up late on Friday night ) to give credit where credit is due we did not give up and made it close when Rainer scored to bring the score to 2-1... Unfortunately we gave up an unlucky goal when one of my defensemen mistakingly tried to catch a puck only having it deflect into our own goal, sorry Umas had to mention it lol ... This goal was the back breaker and we never came back losing the game 4-2. I was not too pleased as my personal winning streak at these international tournaments was broken . In Italy we won all our games tying once and in Hawaii we won all 5 games so it was probably a good 10 games on my personal streak .

After the game we were dead beat , good thing we were with the sauna loving Finns. Kalle T. Organized that we have our own private sauna at the hotel after hours with food and drink it was 30 euros each which was totally worth it , you Finns really know how to have fun and relax ;)Christian , Vesa both kalles and our Frenchman all were in attendance , all the shithawks were ther Lol , can't forget Kackvogel... After our 2 hour sauna we all went for a drink in the pub before calling it a night . First game the next day was a big one for spot in championship and was at 11am ....

Will finish off my Tallinn tournament stories tomorrow morning before I head off to Riga, Latvia... Still hating trying to blog from my iPod

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