Saturday, January 14, 2012

On the Bright Side

Feeling like I have this negative cloud following me here in Stockholm , but I am not really bitchy or anything . Truth is I don't like it here at all because the opportunities to have fun are limited due to the extreme prices we have encountered here .

Things are getting better though , today we took the transit to the Globe Arena to buy tickets to see a pro game between AIK & Modo . We got pretty good seats at a reasonable price ( I am surprised) 250 Krowns each which is about € 25 . The game was decent enough , got to see ex Maple Leaf Mikael Tellqvist play :) yeah he is back in Sweden as a backup for Modo . I was actually glad they started him .

The game itself was pretty good , nothing compared to the game I saw last week in Riga as KHL hockey is much better then SEL . It was great to see a lot of goals with a final score of 6-3 in favor of the visiting side ... Apparently I was sitting in visitors section so we were booted out of arena at a separate exit , which I have never experienced . Kinda wanted to go to a fan shop to buy an AIK t-shirt but the whole place shuts down immediately . Also the game was not actually played in the world renowned Globe Arena but across a path in an arena called Hovet as only big games are played in the Globe ... This was not 1 of those "big" games.

We were almost crazy enough to attempt walking back to our hotels but it was way too windy and dark , walking would have saved us a bit of cash . Yeah we are still scrounging here and not really having too much fun at all ... I personally still don't like it here and would never suggest anyone visits this city . So upon arrival to our room we got the best news since arriving here ;) we have ice time tomorrow evening which really makes us both a bit happier but not happy enough to go spend $150 for a good night out ... Back in hotel room now watching shitty movies, we are both planning to make up for this lost weekend when we get back to Germany on Monday ... I can't wait to leave Stockholm, but like I said earlier there is the bright side which is that we are finally going to get some hockey tomorrow , so for tonight the boredom continues.... Don't take it offensively if you are Swedish please it is just my opinion as a traveller on a budget, I am sure if you have a lot of money to spend it could be fun here but I personally will never know ... Ok scorpion king is on now can't miss out on this super exciting movie ( that I have seen before zzzzz )

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  1. No offense taken. Stockholm is not for the budget traveler.
    Next time you are here, head for Värmland (i.e. Karlstad). That region is "hockey country". They have the most hockey rinks per capita and you'd probably find prices a bit more reasonable although, to face facts, all of Sweden is expensive.
    Good luck on the rest of your travels.