Saturday, January 21, 2012

Practice with EHC Regensburg Spiders

Yesterday was a great day ! Woke up and went for breakfast then met up with Jason ( he lives across the street ) got there and we decided to walk into the old city here . Regensburg is much bigger then I thought it was with a population of like 160,000 it has a university so there is a lot of younger people here !

Jason took me to see the Donau River and the cathedral which they call a dome here even though there is no domed part of the structure ??? Anyways he filled me in on some folklore , apparently the bridge over Donau and dome were being built around same time and the 2 builders were in competition to finish their structures first . The bridge builder won and because of this the devil put a hunch on the bridge . That is what I understood to be the story ;)

We had a couple coffees at some cafe's and had a great chat mostly about history , then went to meet Alex , Stephanie and Sabrina ... Stephanie is Alex's girlfriend and Sabrina is Jason's girlfriend they are both great gals ! We all met at Nico's restaurant for some more amazing fresh cooked pasta ... I scarfed down my gnocchi it was perfect !

After we ate we dropped off Jason and Sabrina and went to Alex's place which is near the Donau Arena . Hung out for a bit then headed to practice with Alex's team ... EHC Regensburg Spiders are a 5th division club . Unfortunately they are coming off a huge loss that was basically the battle for 1st place , so their spirits were not so high . The practice was more like a scrimmage with us playing 2 on 2 first with nets on blue lines then put nets in same zone and played sideways for 3 on 3 with the last 15 minutes playing full rink 5 on 5 ... Had to do this as only 10 skaters showed with 3 goalies , Ziggy is their starting goalie and he was still bothered by their last loss and really had no interest in practicing .

On a personal note I felt good , much much better then the day before !!! At the end of the practice one of the guys was given a penalty shot against me and I stopped him with a splits save... I enjoyed practicing with the guys and hope to do it again in the future , thanks guys !

The first team in Regensburg had a game so we snuck in to watch a bit , they are in German 3rd division and to my surprise had a familiar hockey player on their team . Former Toronto Maple Leafs player Martin Prochazka , so I was pleased to watch him play a couple shifts but we had to go to Stephanie's flat mates bday party . It was a small party but was a lot of fun hearing everyone singing in German while drinking some great beer ! I didn't mix alcohol or go overboard as I have a game today for Krones team ( Alex's work team) ....

My trip is winding down now and I am beginning to get sad as the worst part of travelling is saying bye :( going to try to make the most of my next couple days before I leave , so on that note I should get out of bed and go eat something ... Servus ;)

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