Friday, January 20, 2012

Shitting The Bed

Don't take the title so literally ! I did not shit in my bed nor have I shit anywhere else aside from the toilet ;)

After something like 3 hours of sleep I woke up late jumped into shower woke Rainer up and left to head to a train station in another town .It would have cost me double to take the train from Aalen and was only €20 to drive 20 minutes to the next town over . Now remember we were probably stil half in the bag from the night before .the shittiest part was that I had to stay awake for the train ride as I had to switch trains in 2 different cities so I really had to pay attention to where I was .

There was nowhere to eat and even worse was that I had to play hockey immediately upon arrival in Regensburg . A friend of Alex's named Jason Guttierez picked me up at the train station and I ate Burger King there just to get some food in me . You are wondering if Guttierez is a traditional German name ? Umm I don't think so but he is born in Germany ! As soon as I met Jason I knew we would get along....after eating he drove me to the rink.

When I got to the arena I told Jason that I hope I don't shit the bed and he asked what that meant and I explained that shitting the bed means that I hope I don't embarrass myself in the ice . Everyone laughed at this term when they heard it . So lack of sleep hungover ( really bad)and crappy food In belly , I got on the ice hesitantly knowing that I might not play up to par .... Let's just say i shit the bed :(

Pretty sure I was seeing double and was reaching for the wrong puck most of the time , had a bad belly ache to from shitty BK. still I tries my best to impress as my friend Alex ran the practice for his work team which has a big game that I am acting in on Saturday ... Best of 3 series and down 0 games to 1 ... For now ;)

After my craptice LOL we went out for Italian food where we had home made pasta that was freshly made noodles with all kinds of good veg and home made sausage , with a Bruscetta starter and a salad this meal was fit for a king ... Going there for lunch today can 't wait to try the Gnocchi mmmmm!

We then went back to Jasons apartment and figured its best If I stay in hotel next to his house , nice room no free wifi ( had to pay for this hotspot shit ) and to top it off I was woken up by my neighbors moaning from a good romp in the bed in the middle of the night, I am staying at the Stadthotel Regensburg ... For € 60 a night I would reccomend it , just hope my neighbors can keep it more quiet tonight ... Omg they are at it again ! I gotta get out of here Lol , time for breakfast. I have a practice today with a 5 th division club here called the Spiders , hopefully I can get my shit together.

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