Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Earned my Latvian flag

As most of you know I have all the flags on my stick bag , which means I have played hockey in that country . Last night I earned my Latvian flag :)

Yesterday was totally uneventful during the day , slept in and stayed in apartment all day, Rainer was quite hung over and I really just wanted to chill out for 1 day . One of the guys that organiZes tournaments in Riga was supposed to get us on the ice and never did ( stiff!) , Rainer called him like 10 times and the loser never answered . I don' t know him but I do know how phones and emails work as I know a lot of whack people that seem to play the avoiding game . Really it is not very hard to answer a phone and say you don't have an answer ... But if you are full of shit usually you will be the type to avoid these things ... And yes if you are one of these people you should feel some shame for all the bullshit that comes out of your mouth .

Luckily for us Rainer has many connections that are helpful as well . Ineta Jansone helped us out with only 4 hours notice she organized for us to get into the ice :) she also arranged a ride for us to the arena ! What an amazing person she is !

Before my ice time I needed to eat so I met up with my new friend Victor and went for some traditional Latvisn food at this place called Lido , the food was amazing and I think I am going back there today again , a large beer and meal was only about 4 Lats , something like 8 or so dollars After that we went on a mini pub crawl to about 3 bars , one was called Cuba , another was Aptieka which I really liked , couldn't stay out too late as our ride was to pick us up at 10 pm...

We got to the arena and I could hear the whispers from the guys in the locker room " Canada " , this was a beginners skate and the other goalie must have got wind on who I was so he asked me for some tips which I was more then glad to share with him . I honestly have never minded showing people how to play the position so I told him I will show him some stretches and a couple little tricks. Didn't have much time but I did show him how to poke check and I was really happy to see him use it during our small scrimmage . Kinda wish I had more time to show him more but I am pretty sure he was happy with the little I showed him ;)

Like I said yesterday was quite uneventful so after our skate we just came home and went to bed . Just woke up and it's raining , regardless I am gonna hit the streets today to buy some things and see the city . Tonight should be a piss up for my last night here :) I have to go get a coffee ... Peace out !


  1. I wish that we had more time but it was great anyway!

  2. Please call me Zaya. Like another frends :D Ineta Jansone... it is SO official...
    So many nice words... i think - it is just OK- if someone would like to go on ice, and i can help... its nothing important. Take a care!