Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blogging from iPod sucks

Yo yo yo ! Crazy trip so far :)left Toronto on Tuesday and arrived in Tallinn this morning.

Flew to Frankfurt landing at 7 am , met Rainer around quarter to 10 and had my first beer on this trip , wait it gets better. Caught our flight to Stockholm and once we arrived we had to take a bus to the city which cost us roughly 50 bucks each !!! Sweden is not cheap . When we got to city center we had to catch yet another bus to our ferry . Prior to that we ate at Burger King , no joke I payed $30 for 1 sandwich and 1 meal . Told you it was expensive .

We got to the ferry early and began drinking , and we drank ALOT ! Pretty sure we were drunk before the ferry left dock . We met this really cool couple in the cigar room , yes you can smoke on the ferry :) shit got a bit fuzzy after that and I think I passed out around 1 am or so , when i woke up Rainer was not in our cabin? 15 min later there was a knock on the door , look what the cat dragged in LOL .

My crazy German friend was hammered so I let him sleep and I went out to see us docking in Tallinn . Couple hours passed after docking and Rainer was still sleeping , then the.eaning lady came into our room asking if we were heading back to Stockholm , I said no she said you must leave! You are the last people on the boat. So I had to wake Rainer up and that was chore .
Finally got him up and we walked to hostel where I am sitting now , our suite is a whopping 7x7. Ft room , so glad we leave tomorrow this is seriously a dump . We took nap then went to eat our first meal in over 24 hours , strict diet of alcohol in between . Tonight we went to sci
Mage with a local team called PSV , great guys ! Had a lot of fun and gave up less goals then their goalie did :)I am feeling pretty rough now having some bad cramps so I am gonna call it a night. With that being said my iPod is about to die, i will try to be more descriptive in my next post .

Writing from Tallinn, so good night !

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