Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Departure @ 1730

Bags are pretty much packed and i am in the regular panic mode over the weight of my equipment ..... On the Air Canada website it says that oversize is waived but weight restrictions are still in effect ... this means i have to somehow make my bag weigh 50 lbs or less . This requires super dry gear , and it looks like at the moment on my own weigh scale my bag weighs 45 lbs. lets hope my scale was accurate to avoid paying the extra $70 to bring gear .

It always baffles me that they expect people to travel with hockey equipment but for some reason goalies are not in the equation ??? we are supposed to be the most important people in the game ( sometimes LOL ) so why is it so hard to travel as a goalie ? I mean if i was a player i could fit all my clothes in my hockey bag and still clear weight , as a goalie i have to stuff 20 lbs. ( or less ) of clothes into a backpack and hopefully get it on plane as carry on !

So as it stands i will have 20 lbs on my back , 45 lbs to drag around + 2 5 ft long sticks in the other hand ..... would be so much easier if it was just a bag and sticks :( .... i know Christmas just passed but if i could i would like to make a wish for next year to Mr. Santa Claus , Santa please can you make Air Canada make exceptions for goalies to bring extra weight seeing how our equipment fills out our weight requirements ?

He probably won't listen , and i am not all too stressed about this stuff .... damn i remember my first trip to Dubai when i actually drove out to the airport with my bags packed weeks before my flight just to see how much my gear weighed LOL , no joke i really was that paranoid back then ! Things have changed i have done this many times over since then ... so now instead of driving out to airport in advance i just keep my fingers crossed .

This will be my last post using my laptop in the confines of my cozy house ... from here on out i will be trying to use my ipod touch to post stuff ....unless i get to a cafe or use Rainers laptop . I guess i will give the Ipod Touch its first try when i get to the airport later on ...i have no doubt that i will have something to post by then. adios 

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