Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From Stockholm to Senden

Feeling kinda rough at the moment ...

Yesterday I woke up in Stockholm and had some breakfast then took a taxi to the bus terminal , what would have taken 15 minutes to walk cost us 100 Krowns ( of course that is ridiculous ) we got to the terminal an there was a bus sitting there just about to leave . Great timing ;)

When we got to Arlanda airport we had to check in ... These stupid self check in kiosks suck and I think they are retarded . For the price I am paying someone should do it for me ! So I went to counter and told the girl that I had no printout and the machine was not reading my card , she was really friendly and sent me to the special desk and told me at the last second that she was happy to help a fellow Canadian ... Awesome!

Got to the next counter with no lineup and I told the fellow my equipment was exactly 23 kilos and that there was another bag inside , he must have heard something else because be didn't charge us for anything :) we thought we would pay for oversize , extra bags , etc .. Somehow we fluked it off . So we got on our flight to Frankfurt and when we got there Rainer received a call to go play hockey in Senden,Germany ...

We got onto our train and had to switch trains in Stuttgart , on the second train we got a lot of dirty looks because of our bags , we didn't give a shit , we were laughing at everyone ! So i mentioned we had to play hockey ? Once arriving in Aalen , Rainers father picked us up in his car drove us to their house grabbed our bags tossed them into Rainers car, grabbed a YUMMY kebab and left for Senden getting there just in time to get dressed and play hockey.

Arena there was interesting with an open air concept with a roof , it was cold but the ice was kinda rough . The guys we played with were a hobby team called the Tussa Ice Eagles , they stacked one team to play against me . At first I was stoning everyone and then I ran out of water, the cold air dried my mouth pretty hard and the kebab was not really happy to be in my stomach AND there was a spell of about 10 minutes that seemed like forever ... I shit the bed and gave up like 5 or 6 goals , even Rainer scored on me ;)my side lost but it was fun !

In the dressing room we began Drinking and there was food there too , my stomach was still on its side so I passed on the food but totally indulged in the beer , then I drank in the car on ride home , then I drank at the Irish Pub in Aalen then at Rainers house ... Can you see a pattern here ? Yeah I got pretty trashed LOL !

Rainer is still out cold so I can't get pictures online yet , he has a laptop for me to use here YAY!!! Tonight we have a practice with another hobby team in Ulm and I might get to practice with the 1st team there , which would be great aside from having to be on ice for 3 hours straight , if I get the chance I'll take it but I kinda hope to take it easy today ;) we'll see what happens ... Time to crawl out of bed ;)

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