Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mmm Bacon

Great day again yesterday! I don't have anything negative at all to say about Regensburg ;)I am going to really miss it here . The day started with me meeting up with Jason for a coffee and he took me to the local farmers market , which was small and not touristy at all which I prefer . I rather be with the locals over being in tourist areas as I want to know how it feels to be living here .

Alex was waiting at Jasons place so we went back and we were then on our way to this American diner here to have some breakfast , I was craving bacon Lol. The place was called Sam Kullmans and the food was pretty good but to be honest bacon is just not the same as it is back home in Canada ;) After breakfast we went for a drive to see more sights.

Walhalla was the sight we went too ... This place was AWESOME !!! Basically it is this ginormous building at the top of this hill . It looks like the Parthenon in Greece , wish I could post the pics to show you all . If you ever visit Regensburg make sure to visit Walhalla . There was snow everywhere and no tourists , which is also great . Alex told me he had never been there in the winter and was surprised that it was so quiet there . Apparently people go there to have picnics , the view from up there is breath taking .

So we worked off our breakfast and needed the pre game nap so we went to Alex's and chilled out . His work team ( Krones)had a big game and needed to win to tie up the best of 3 series . There were 2 goalies so I took the second half . We were winning 5-0 when I came in ... First shot was a breakaway which I stopped , second shot I mishandled and went in , I was pissed ...we went into 3 rd with 6-1 lead and the other team came out swinging really controlling most of the last period taking a lot of shots on me ! I stood my ground and I am pretty sure most of the guys were impressed with my play ... We celebrated after going to this Mexican bar !

We missed the kitchen as it closed so we had nachos and began drinking , then we were told that if we dance on the table that we will get a free bottle of tequila , so I got up and danced on the table , my memory is quite fuzzy after that hahaha .

I should get going now as I have to go to Munich today to meet friends to see DEL game , adios Regensburg I love you :) and I will be back ... Servus!

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