Sunday, January 15, 2012

Record Blog Hits

Apparently I have had more blog hits on this trip then any other trip which I have been on . It seems that I have some new readers in Japan & USA . I should really set up something so my readers can sign in to say they have read this .... As you all know from reading this that I love talking hockey .

Along with the mystery readers I have picked up a few readers along the road in Estonia, Latvia & Sweden . I really appreciate the interest from all of you . Seeing that people are reading this is what keeps me writing :)

When I left home to embark on this journey I was really hoping to get to 10,000 reads and thanks to you my readers it was passed a few days ago and in fact has already come close to 10,500 !!! Every time you click on 1 of my posts it counts for 1 blog read ... So keep on reading ;) I am quite proud to have hit 10,000 reads in just over a year .

I know there are some blogs that probably get way more hits then mine does but my readers are of a special breed ... Most of you are real hockey fans and true friends that just wanna have a laugh hearing about some stupid stuff I have done in dome foreign country ;) if you are reading this and if you would like feel free to become a fan oft blog by liking my page on Facebook or become a follower here on blogspot either way make a comment and introduce yourself ... I really would love to know who is reading this , who knows maybe you will be mentioned in my next blog or you might even have the chance to shoot a puck at my head LOL!

I am always constantly looking and planning to play in the next country :) please leave a comment if you read this , yes even if we already know each other ... Thank you all for reading now I must go fill my pockets with food at the breakfast buffet LOL !


  1. Last sentence explained something! :D

  2. goaliegray still reading - the "other" travelling goalie!