Friday, January 13, 2012

Bad Luck

This morning I woke up in our little cabin on the ferry and decided to do some duty free shopping on the ferry . Got to the shop only to find out that I was not able to purchase any cigarettes or alcohol :( kinda pissed me off because I could have done this last night and was not told that this is the way things work .

So I went back to my cabin to meet Rainer and get our bags together . In the mean time I was trying to find some ice time to play hockey in Sweden . Too bad all the team websites here are strictly in Swedish so I can't understand anything . It looks at the moment like I will not play here and to be honest I wish we had stayed in Latvia since everything here is ridiculously over priced !

Got off the ferry and found our way to the bus which brought us to the center where our hotel is . It was sunny and a bit cold when we arrived and when we got to our room Rainer pointed out that it is Friday the 13th today which I replied that it is usually a lucky day for me... Then I began to open my bags .

Today Friday the 13th is a day for luck of the bad kind :( when I opened my bag I noticed that the championship trophy we won in tallinn was broken in half . I packed it so safely and I can't figure out how it broke??? But it's broken and now it is resting in our garbage bin , I am quite upset about this! No use crying over spilled milk so I will go on ...

This luck I am having also brought snow ... It is snowing now and it has gotten darker ... If I don't get on the ice here this weekend then I will be sad to say that I might not ever earn the Swedish flag for my bag . At the moment I will say that I doubt I would ever want yo come here again... I think I am gonna take a nap .

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