Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Finns

Good thing I can't figure out how to post pics here from my iPod :)

Last night the crazy Finns arrived ... I went down to the front lobby and bumped into the 2 Kalle's and we immediately started drinking and having fun . I had previously met these crazy Finns at Petri's b-day party a couple years ago in Finland . Last night it was actually Kalle Vaalitalos bay , might have spelt that wrong but regardless happy bday buddy!

We drank for a couple hours while waiting for our other Finnish Team mates to arrive in Tallinn . Christian and Vesa showed up at roughly 11 pm and the rest of us were already lit up like Christmas trees LOL! Had to go get more beer so birthday Kalle and myself went on an adventure to get booze , we were partying in the Kalle's room as everyone got a room upgrade except us :( ,this hotel in itself was a major upgrade for Rainer and myself compared to the place we stayed our 1st night here .

So we are on the streets of Tallinn looking for alcohol and honestly this city has booze everywhere ! So we grabbed about 13 big cans of Saku beer and a small bottle of Jaegermeister on the side hahaha . Walked back to room got onto the right floor and forgot which room we were in ;) so we knocked on a few doors and Kalle decided to give up and head back to reception . Yay we found our room...

It must have been 1 am when we headed out to the club , we went to this place called Hollywood where we had some good laughs , I left with the 1st wave of guys to leave club and we went for food jumped into a taxi which literally drove 20 secs and charged us 10 euros . Scumbag taxi drivers are everywhere on this planet ! I should have spit on you lol . After ou Hesburger meal we made our way home . Rainer got back an hour or so after I did . Gladly we all had a safe and really fun evening .

Time to go eat now , wish me luck today ! 3 games in 5 hours with 1st match vs Russian team. More adventures to come .

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