Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Rough Conditions

All the training in the world was not going to prepare me or anyone else for the conditions that we had to deal with in Tangtse . That first night sleeping with 2 pairs of socks on , long johns , tshirt and long sleeve shirt with a toque on in a sleeping bag and a blanket on top and I still froze to death 💀 showering was not an option and the toilet was a hole in the ground . Concrete buildings with no insulation at all leaves me wondering how anyone can survive this . Let’s just say it’s not for me . We were roughing it and not like the way I’m used to roughing it in Canada . This made that term seem ridiculous . When we got up we had some tea with what I can understand is unpasteurized milk ? Then we headed to the main hotel for breakfast which was not exactly something I desired . No bacon lol ! 

The night is filled with howling dogs which made sleeping even rougher and when everyone got back and decided to go to Panong Lake my answer was ... I live beside a lake :) nothing new for me and that’s when I began my hibernation . Really there isn’t much that I would be interested in doing or seeing in Tangtse . But I can’t really complain and I will try to mince my words .... the last thing I want is to keep anyone from experiencing anything like this but just a heads up , its not an easy life . 

When I woke up everyone was back and I was feeling the dry air and not eating and all at the same time the nerves were kicking in at the reality that I will be playing in the World Record game .... and I will be the only goalie for The Hockey Foundation who put a 20 person roster together but only had one goalie . I am up for the challenge . Let’s just hope my body is up for it also . Our room became the hang out for even our hosts and we hung out for a good portion of the evening sharing stories with DK and little bro :) both are great kids .... well DK is a bit older so he is not really a kid but you get the idea . Kinda glad the event was held back for a day as this is really the first day I have had to really relax .... oh and from what I heard about Lake Panang it’s just a lake . Before we went to bed this evening we asked for hot water bottles .... let’s see if that helps ?

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