Sunday, November 6, 2016

Up The Villa !

Somehow , someway I woke up without an alarm ... Took me a few minutes to register that I had to get a move on but yeah I did lol . Possibly still drunk from last nights concert I got my shit together and jumped in the shower and left to go meet or possibly pick up Karl .... He wasn't in any rush when I arrived there it I have to get to the city center to meet my cousin Paul . Uber was like my magic carpet ride as I got whisked around trying to get into town then head over to meet the Kiddy lads who are bar hopping . My cousin was hungry an again wanted Burger King which I still think is beyond shit but hey if he has a hankering for crap then I'm down but let's put it this way .... It will be the last time I have one of their sub par burgers :) at least for a long while . I needed food as I said I'm probably still drunk .

By the time we scarfed down our food the kiddy lads were already on way to pub #2 which was Purity , which is sort of a brew pub like BrewDog . I had the pale ale first then opted for an IPA they had from a guest brewer .... Wish I remembered the name as it was quite good . After that we went to New St station to catch a train but then we opted for a quick pint and ended up in BrewDog :) I had my regular Punk IPA and unfortunately a few lads tried the lager oh that lager was rancid :( like disgustingly awful !!!! Oh well can't win em all eh ? In hindsight I should have just headed to Villa Park to meet our new club liason Lee but instead beer topped the list and because of that we never met and I never got my Toronto Lions club pennant . Oh well I guess we will wait until ext summer to get it for some stupid reason or other . 

Got in a taxi and headed straight to our seats but not until I squeezed another pint down my neck . Gotta be prepared for the Villa and sometimes drinking helps but not always . Today we didn't need to get that pissed as Villa played well with Kodija scoring twice after we went down 0-1 . It was a great team effort and we took the 3 points from Blackburn who are not having a great season but regardless any team can win these matches on any given day . The championship is not a pushover league by any means . It's good to see our club turning things around . There is a feeling in the air that had me believing this year might be special and we might move back up *fingers crossed* lets hope for the best . 

After the match we went to the Holte Pub which is now where Lions Club members enjoy their beers :) no more Lions Lounge  , even the security guards are different for those of you that frequented our old haunt . When all the kiddy lads left we stuck to have one more pint before heading home and that is when we met young Gary whose mom heard us speaking and right away said , you guys are Canadians ?!?!? She then told us how her son dreams of coming to Canada and that he would love to meet us . When we met Gary he was just amazed and you could tell this kid is dreaming of being in Canada some day . I just happened to have a Canadian flag on me that my cousin Paul gave me . He actually said to give it to someone if they want it and I couldn't see any better person to deserve this so I offered the flag and man this kids face lit up like a Christmas tree :) it really made my day seeing this and being lucky to experience this random act of kindness . I know it doesn't sound like me does it eh lol! 

I look forward to seeing a post from his family with a picture of that flag in his room ! By this point I was totally toasted too and it was time to head off to go to bed as I have to wake up at 4 am to catch my flight to Munich :( oh well .... This is what you have to deal with when you travel like I do . Watching all the fireworks going off at night was nice and fitting since Villa did get the win .... I know it was for Guy Fawkes but in my mind it was celebrations for the Villa . UTV ! See you all in Brighton for the next match . 

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