Sunday, November 6, 2016

Bring Me The Horizon

Fell behind on my posts as I've had a whirlwind few days on the lash :p as I sit here in the airport ready to board my plane i am gonna try to remember wtf happened to me .... I do remember taking it easy for the most part of the day Friday as I had to do more laundry to get the smell of smoke out of my clothes . My aunty really needs to stop smoking *cough* anyways what I'm saying is I did nothing during the day ... Kinda like a calm before the storm .... 

Around 4:30 pm I met with Ritchie and Amy at The Square Peg and we ate and had a couple pints before heading over to Tesco to grab some walking tins . We were heading over to The Flapper to meet Karl , Josh and Scott to go see this Bring Me The Horizon band that I have never heard of . We all agreed to find a show for us to all go to as we had a good time last time we did that and really it's just an excuse for us all to go get on the piss together hahaha ! Karl booked this tickets on a drunken whim a few weeks back and then I found out that The Specials were playing out in Wolverhampton ?!?!?! Yeah The Specials would have been sick but Karl knows his music and I know he wouldn't let us down but still was gutted I couldn't be at both concerts .... Next time !!!

I checked this band out online as Karl said it should be a massive mosh pit and that's what we were looking for! When I heard their music I couldn't see it being a reality but oh my .... Let me tell ya . The mosh pit was absolutely massive !!!! I was in the thick of it and it was really a workout and a half ... My lungs were on fire breathing so hard , I sweat through all my clothes , and at one point I even lost my hat only to tackle someone standing on it when I spotted it LOL . Karl lost his hat and I'm sure all of us fell down at least once and were nearly trampled :0 yeah it was crazy . My knee is still killing me from my fall but generally the crowd was good and everyone helped each other if anyone seemed distressed . I even needed a timeout and stepped out to catch my breath .... It was mental in there . Of course I chugged a beer and headed back into the eye of the storm and man oh man did I have a great time . 

The show ended around 10 and we all found each other and started heading off to what I though was more drinks ? Ritchie ended up on his train , Karl found his way to the pub and Josh forgot his ID and couldn't get in so Karl stuck with his young cousin . Scott was with me and I was confused why everyone was going home at 10 pm on a Friday ? I wanted to get more pissed and that I did with Scott . We hung out at The Flapper and I think I had at least 6 cans of beer there before we decided to call it a night ... One hell of a good night ! 

When I got back to Elaine's she was still up and I was still determined to drink more .... Yeah I was on the loose like a wild animal hahaha . Pretty sure she made us some cocktails and then I passed out .... Somehow someway I have to meet my mates in the morning to go watch the Villa . Karl buddy , that was a great show ... Let's do it again sometime :) 

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