Friday, November 4, 2016

Family First

Whenever I come to Birmingham I always have a bottle of ice wine stashed in my bag for this special woman in my life . My Aunty Carmen ! Nothing makes me happier then seeing her as she is the direct connection to my grandmother that I loved so dearly ... Yeah I'm a bit of a sap when it comes to this . She looks so much like my nanna ,that's what we call grandmother in Maltese . For those of you that didn't know I am a Maltese citizen and very proud of it . Dual citizenship has its privileges :) 

My Aunt lives out in Chelmsley Wood so I gathered my bottle and headed out there from where I'm staying it was 2 bus rides away so I bought the day saver ticket which is £4 for the day . I left Elaine's around 10:30 am and arrows close to noon and when I arrived I got on my iPhone 4s and got on a video call with my cousin and family in Canada to connect everyone . Never realized that my Uncle Ray had never met my cousins here . I guess no better time the. The present eh :) After that we went through the same cycle of things to be done like walking over to the shopping center and grabbing lunch then watching my aunty guzzle the whole bottle ... It's not a massive bottle lol but she downs it quick . Got to see her neighbour Dave as she always enjoys sharing her bottle with him . Loved it when she finished the bottle and she looked over at me and asked if I brought her another bottle :) unfortunately I didn't Aunty ... But I'm glad you enjoyed the last one hahaha ! Around 4:30 I had to make my way back to Oldbury where I'm staying as I had made plans to take Elaine out for dinner for her kindness in letting me stay at hers .... 

No better place to go for a good bite to eat then Turtle Bay on John Bright Street . I love this place and area ... All my favourite haunts are in stumbling distance  ! So that day saver is coming in pretty handy with all this running back and forth . When we got to Turtle Bay we got seated and ordered cocktails , never liked their beer selection so I go for the strongest drink they have mixed with 4 runs and absinthe :) then we order our meals I have the double dipped steak and Elaine had some seafood dish then we had another cocktail for desert before heading to Meer Kat Shisha Lounge just across the street . Elaine had never smoked Shisha but I think she liked it :) we hung out there and chatted for over an hour while enjoying our berry/apple flavoured smoke YUM ! I had to get back on the bus before midnight to use my day saver pass one more time and our Shisha was losing its flavour so we headed over to BrewDog Pub for my favorited beer on the planet ... The Punk IPA , a quick half pint before catching the bus and then we were off back to Oldbury . Now if you figure out the math I went on 4 bus trips over the day for £4 which is a whopping £1 a ride . Definitely worth riding the bus ... I know if Kathleen is reading this she may be shocked that I didn't and haven't used Uber as of yet .... Might change Friday night lol! When I got back to Oldbury I scarfed down a packet of crisps and hit the bed .... That is what I would call a good day . 

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