Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Country #35 Romania

Remember the other day I went to the rink and hockey was cancelled and I met a guy named Alex Rizea ? Ok maybe you didn't read my blog yesterday .... You should ! In fact you should read it daily ... Yeah yeah we are all busy lol ! Listen things were dicey and it was awkward and all but I met the one guy that became a good friend to me :) like I said sometimes there is a rainbow at the end of the storm . 

Alex offered to go sight seeing with me and the one place I thought to go to he had never been to . The Palace of Parliament . This is the second largest building in the world next to The Pentagon . It was the building the Nicolae Ceausescu wanted to build to fill his ego . He was the dictator that was executed on Christmas Day in 1989 alongside his wife after the people here had enough and never got to see the project finished .   We took a tour which didn't cost too much but you had to pay extra to take pictures . We were allowed photos on the observation deck up top and that was enough for me as I will never forget how unreal this place is ... It's mega massive . 

The 2 hour tour was lead by yet another Alex who was very knowledgeable and eager to interact . This was all after we cleared security as the building is still used by parliament . We walked approximately 2 km over the 2 hours going through the elaborate measures taken to make and preserve this building along with many interesting stories about this megalomaniac who was the dictator here :0 I mean this guy imported silk worms here to make the silk in Romania so the silk would be Romanian amongst other wild stories . The 2 hour tour covered a whopping 4% of the building ? Yeah it's massive like I said .... With built in hidden passages and escape routes an even air filtration systems created to ease this mans stress of being assassinated . Regardless to say it didn't help his outcome .... 

Alex then took me to his buddies coffee shop then to another buddies coffee shop and I got massively high on the Java beans :) I was buzzing hard ... We have hockey tonight at 11 pm so it's a good time to head home or I should say to Nebojsa's place to meet him and order a pizza . Nebojsa threw on this documentary called Red Army ! What an amazing hockey doc .... I didn't have time to finish it last night but man was it ever good . Please check it out , you won't regret it !!!! Around 10 pm Alex came to pick us up to head to AFI mall for our skate with Torpedo Bucharest which is an amateur club hell bent on having fun . 

The rink here is a small rink inside a mall good enough for 3 on 3 hockey with some odd twists to it . No the rink is oval but the twist is that their is advertising hanging over the rink not too high ... I can actually touch it with my stick . There are no benches so the guys bring stools on the ice to sit down near the boards during play and there is no netting around the entire rink so picks can fly out at shops :) oh yeah and the nets were smaller then the zamboni you see in the pic above LOL ! This is awesome still . I had so much fun during the 2 hour ice time . The gal that was supposed to sort everything and forgot to tell me our ice was cancelled showed up at the end and I wanted to kill her ... Just joking lol ! 

We had fun . My team won both times even when I switched and I got a couple cool jerseys and left my OG Ghetto Blasters jersey with Alex with the promise that it will end up in a hockey bar if they ever open one .... That's the plan :) Nebojsa was reffing and now pretty much has a bunch of new hockey buddies that be can play with here ! We brought a 6 pack with us and offered them to everyone but they weren't down with drinking . I also did leave a goalie stick from Oxelo Hockey with Nebojsa as he is a goalie and can basically play goal , skater or ref here as he pleases . Trying to make room for other stuff now lol . Alex gave us a ride back to Nebojsa's place and I showered and crashed out .... Just like I'm gonna do now !

Thank you Torpedo Bucharest for letting us skate with you all . It was a pleasure meeting you all and I hope we all meet again :) 

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