Wednesday, November 23, 2016

English Weather

Yes of course I woke up hungover :) Peever just was getting up and I messaged to see if anyone was alive . Reece was up ! Peever is heading to meet this local gal he knows and Mike .... Well Mike is sleeping . So I met Reece in the lobby to go to this pub called Post & Telegraph to meet Craig Alsop . He says he is there and leaving Brighton at 11 am . When I get down to the lobby there are some fuzzy stories circulating about what happened the night before ? Everyone wondering where each other ended up and apparently we missed the party :( most everyone stayed out until 4 am on the lash . 

The weather at 10 am was gorgeous in a warm and sunny way . We walked fast to get to the pub to meet Craig and at least say bye and when we got there he was not there ? I messaged him and he said they left but were coming back so Reece and I grabbed a table upstairs an ordered breakfast ... Craig showed up soon after my food did and said hey and bye and said they were going to sit downstairs and that was the last and only moment I saw him :( I needed that breakfast so badly . Reece had ordered 2 coronas as you do when there is a 2 for 1 sale and I knocked one off em :0 ok I asked politely and he graciously gave it to me and yes we chugged them and left an on our way downstairs spotted the kiddy lions :) 

The Kiddy Lions are like my footie mentors when I'm over . They treat me really well , like one of their own :) this weekend I didn't spend as much time with them as usual with Peever running us round all these Brighton hotspots so today it was great to wander about with them . We all wanted to go watch some footie on the telly and we found a place called Horatios on the pier which would be sound . When we started walking over it started to get grey out ..... Unfortunately Horatio's was holding a private function so we ended up at the Queen Anne ( I think ?) and beer was not so tantalizing . I got on the cider with Reece and Mike soon arrived and so did Peever with his lady friend ( sorry I forgot her name ) the banter started kicking off again and poor Reece hahaha ! Those tight jeggings or meggings or whatever you call them ... Oh Brighton lol :) 

It started to piss rain so hard and beautiful Brighton became walk faster !!!! When it started coming down I noticed this sign and got Reece to take it with me . Our Elvis , Mark Byworth who goes by the nickname decided to replace the other Elvis and I have no clue what Steede was doing ? Pisshead lol :) I love posing for these funny photos . Just to let you all know .... It didn't work out , we split up before consummation and I am currently asking for half of his worth . That might be a fag and an empty tin of Kopperberg . 

After pictures the race was on as it was raining cats and dogs . Only thing to do is to pop into a couple boozers to stay drier on our way back to hotel . We stopped in a hotel grabbed beers and sat down in the dining area hahaha ! That didn't last long though as the overly fake smiling manager came and removed us and put us in another area , that was too ba because I was already eyeing that steak at table 4 ! 

Got to our hotel ! Everyone was drenched and I found out my hotel bar has BrewDog so I grabbed a few for the bus and when everyone was done changing into drier clothes we headed off with our first stop in Swindon . Well after some interesting occurrences like that naked kid , or that guy that smashed all his pints of beer he snuck onto the bus in his paper bag for some reason and didn't want to clean it because he was too drunk OR that kid that smashed up the bathroom ..... No this wasn't us or the kiddy lot either . Not gonna say who but they collectively didn't really do much to impress me if you know what I'm sayin ..... Anyways I contacted my mate Nick Onslow and told him to meet me at the Dolphin Hotel which he thought was totally random but really you should always be expecting the unexpected from me :) when I landed in Swindon I was pissed and needed a kebab . It was shitty but I gobbled it then met Nick !!! It was so good to see my good friend Onsy .... Love this guy so much !!!! We haven't seen each other in a couple years so we had some catching up to do .... So we grabbed a pint and pulled up a couple chairs and made the most of our 20 minutes before my bus left . I really hope we get more time next time mate , it was great catching up with you and I would love to do a tourney with you soon !!!!!

When I got back on the bus I was a bit sad , tired and totally drunk so it was now time for a nap . I know everyone is gonna have their way with me .... I'm still waiting for some picture of me being tea bagged to surface .... When I woke up we were arriving at Land Oak out in Kiddy where Mikes car is parked . He stopped drinking a long time ago to drive legally . We dropped off Reece first :( see ya soon mate ! Then I was dropped off somewhere on Broad St which was hopping .... Forgot it was Saturday night to be honest . I stumbled to Jury's Inn checked in and grabbed my goalie bag and was told I have breakfast included with my room .... Hmmm ... 

Before I end this off I would really love to thank Mr. Paul Harris aka Harry for organizing this and all my Aston Villa related adventurers , you are clearly in a class of your own !!!! Also have to thank the Kiddy Lions for being the best Lions Club in the world .... I really mean that ! And it was nice meeting you too Reece ✊🏻💦💦💦

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