Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Back on Ice with Rockets

When I woke up yesterday all I could think about was getting on the ice ! I was jacked up all day and couldn't wait to get out to the Silver Blades Ice Rink out in Solihul with the only problem being that the ice time isn't until 11 pm :( that's a long wait ... I still have yet to see my cousins so best bet is to get a hold of them and meet up in city center near the Villa shop on New St. and that worked in the schedule perfectly . It's a pretty tight schedule I have here on this trip . Every night i have plans except for Thursday but that will probably be reserved for a night out at some of my favourite places in Birmingham like Meer Kat Sheesha lounge :p love that place . Anyways ... 

If you didn't know , I'm staying out of town so I had to take a 30 min bus ride into the city to meet Paul & Steven . When we met first thing we did was head over to Second Cup for a cappuccino , we sat around there and discussed family ongoings , etc.... then I asked if they wanted a bite to eat and much to my shigrin they both wanted burgers ??? Ok this was strange because they are not usually into that stuff but it was weirder when they both specifically wanted Burger King ?? I thought they wanted something good lol but hey whatever . I was just happy to be with them both . We slugged those burgers down and visited Poundland for a towel and soap .... I wasn't going to use the towel from Elaine's place as it would be destroyed from the hockey stank :p only found soap in this shop so had to go to the open market near the Bull Ring for the towel which I found for €2.50 ... Good enough ! We alway do a good amount of wandering when I meet my cousins . We also stopped into a scotch shop then headed to the pub for a pint or 2 at Thr Square Peg which had some cheap pints and also had Innis & Gunn on tap which I never tried on tap before and to be honest I rather have them in bottles ... Couldn't taste that scotchy flavour :( life goes on and so did we . Next stop the Villa Shop ! Yeah had to grab some more stuff hehehe . Paul bought me a couple things in there too while Steven the Derby supporter that he is wouldn't touch anything hahaha . Around 3 or 4 pm we decided to call it a day and headed of to our buses . It was great seeing them both ! 

Taking the bus around was no problem at all aside from when the woman in her motorized rascal or whatever you want to call them needed to get on the bus ? Umm aren't you already in a motorized vehicle ??? Bus driver was trying to mumble something to me to help her and I was confused so I just tried walking into bus and he mumbled something again and I had no clue what he wanted so I said listen I'm not from here an I have no clue what you want ? He came out of his booth and flipped open the wheelchair ramp ... So is this a regular thing here ? Do I have to put in some work to get on the bus here ? Wierd , get out of your seat you lazy driver :) got back to Elaine's place at around 5 or so and chilled out had a coffee then took a pre skate nap for 2 hours before Karl came to pick me up around 9:30 pm . 

It's always amazing to me that over here the team shows up over an hour before ice time not like back home where guys show up at the last second ! I really hate that attitude back home as over here it seems that it's a social thing too and back home it feels like just getting in some exercise . I know if any of my Ghetto Blasters are reading this that you probably don't get it but it would be nice to hang out at the rink for more then just the ice times we share .... Think about it .... Tonight I'm skating with the Birmingham Rockets who I've skated with before . Great group , love the banter that goes on in that room and most of all everyone is there to play ice hockey ... Gotta stop calling it hockey here as that is considered what we call field hockey . Yeah I know , it is what it is . 

On the ice there is no messing about as Gemma puts us through the drills . It is always a bonus having 2 other great goalies to share the nets with and especially that I already know them both .Hazel and Tammy are a couple :) they actually were feeling the effects of jet lag as they just arrived yesterday from a trip to Florida . Ritchie scored a shitty goal on me as I am gonna admit I am not much of a practise goalie . It's always hard to track down a play then have another play coming in immediately from another angle . Maybe it's because of my style but I always find myself out of position by the time the next group is flying in . Damn it ! Oh well onto the scrimmage we go and my comfort level goes up a bit , I guess I'm a gamer eh :) after the skate got group photo that I never got last time I was over and then had a few bevvies in the room and it was all normal until I saw Hands skip across the room to jump into the shower LOL . I asked Hazel if I was seeing things and we had a good chuckle over it at Hands' expense hahaha . You're alright Hands . I tried to get undressed and shower quick but was the last one out the room .... That cheap ass towel I bought didn't take to water too well either ? It was like taking a sponge , wetting it and when I wiped myself off I got more wet instead of drier ... Strange ... It will go in the bonfire on Guy Fawkes if I find a pyre for it . With my luck it will put the fire out HA! 

Thank you Gemma for letting me skate with you guys and gals again ! You do a great job running a great squad and I hope to get on the ice with you all again in the near future . Good luck with your match this Sunday also and most of all I hope you enjoy that maple syrup I got for ya . Cheers ! 

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