Thursday, November 10, 2016

Last Day in Sofia

My last full day started off with me waking up stiff as a board , sick an hungry . Naturally I got off my butt and went downstairs first ... Nobody sitting at reception , went to the coffee machine and everything was in Cyrillic so I couldn't read or understand what it said but I knew I didn't have enough change . I went back upstairs to try my luck with the cleaning lady and she didn't speak any English . At that point I remembered I needed a clean towel and some shit tickets (toilet paper) so we can't communicate that well but I'm sure I can show her an empty roll and bring my towel and sniff it and make a funny face ... She got it and replaced it and gave me more TP :) I'm still hungry ... 

I'm not really staying in the city center and I doubt there are many people that speak English but what the heck I can try communicating with anyone can't I ? There is a big market not far and I will try that , it's mid day and the only people around seem to be older so I try my luck and nobody speaks English . Didn't want more meat and cheese ... I want a friggin coffee and something warm ! So I kept walking to the place I went to with Georgi with those yummy pastries and I waited in line and when it was my turn of course the girl didn't speak English but there was another girl that did .... This woman was 110% not happy to speak to me and made such a bitch face to me while talking and it made me super uncomfortable ... I wanted to just leave and I should have but I sucked it up and carried on so I could at least get a warm pastry with cheese . Let me tell ya it didn't taste as good this time and I didn't enjoy a moment of anything from the point I met that horrible woman until the moment I finished eating the food :( not a good experience .... My guess is that she thought I was American . They are not exactly loved in this part of the world .... 

Confused , upset and still dying for a coffee . I gave up and went back to sleep a bit . When I woke up Georgi came to pick me up and we went up near that mountains to have some dinner . Had some amazing sausage , and coleslaw and a local burger that is like the food I had in Serbia ! I think it was called and please excuse my spelling chevapchecha ??? Anyways I got my food filling and we headed over to pick up his wife and head to get some food for the dressing room birthday party for Georgi & Tina also :) we are skating with the Ice Devils ! 

Unfortunately it is still raining and the roof is leaking more then the other day :( there are giant holes with puddles all over the ice rink but that doesn't stop this party from going off . We decided to use the better half of the ice and we all had fun !!! It was a great time but I was a bit sad . These guys have done so much for me here and it was my last time seeing most of them . They even went out and got a tshirt printed for me with Ice Devils on it . I held back the tears but really it was not easy .... You think that going to so many countries and meeting so many good people over the years would prepare you for this but it never does ! It is probably the worst part of my travels :( the part where I have to say good-bye .... Today I fly to Romania and I am going to see and stay with another good friend but leaving here is gonna be tough today . I am gonna miss our big smile Georgi and I am ever grateful to you and all the people  I have met here in Bulgaria aside from the woman in that pastry shop LOL . Thank you everyone and I hope to be back someday soon to play more ice hockey with you all .... Especially the Ice Devils :) 


  1. Well written Adrian. Have fun on the next
    Leg of the trip!!

  2. Come back again my friend.i waiting for you :)