Saturday, November 12, 2016


Alright this is what I think happened ... Things are still a bit fuzzy after my alcoholathon :p woke up in Bucharest at Nebojsa's place and we went to rent a car from Avis at the airport and went back to grab our bags . It's quite the drive to Transylvania where I will be playing hockey with a team called Golden Time or at least that's what I thought ... The drive was long but was full of beautiful scenery and it was amazing driving through the mountains . It is list as a 3.5 hour drive but in actuality is really about 5.5 hours with some of the highways being 2 lanes and basically traffic is thick for some parts .... Like getting out of Bucharest was about 1 hour :( 

Nothing spectacular happened en route . We had a quiet time and Nebojsa did all the driving . I just navigated and tried to stay awake . When we arrived in Ceskiszereda we were told to stop at the gas station to wait to meet Lorant "Jimmy" Kolozsi as we were staying at his place . When he met us we followed him to the super market and then off to his place .... Now you are wondering why isn't he just give us his address ? We were wondering the same but his is the Balkan Way :) and honestly we were not even sure if this was his house or what the heck we were getting into , just gotta roll with the punches ! Trust me there was no way we would have found this place !!!!

We were very pleasantly surprised when we got here as its a giant lodge in the middle of nowhere with the most absolutely beautiful view of the mountains . It was dark when we arrived but daytime now as I write this . We were running late for the MOL Liga game between Ceskiszereda and HK Beograd and I had to call the Golden Time manager who absolutely gave me the most gut wrenching news when he said their ice time was cancelled :( I mean wtf right ? I drove all this way to get here to play ice hockey and was told upon arrival this .... Not happy but gotta roll with the punches and yeah time to drink ... Pass the rekia ! I'm sure they don't realize that this was not cheap to come here .... And I'm still baffled why they couldn't have known this ahead of time as even I knew there was a pro match which also finished before the 9:30 ice time .... Does anyone understand this .... 

Ok forget about playing its time to watch some pro hockey :) Jimmy got us VIP seats from the club president who we met outside after the first period . Dumb ass security guard didn't want to let us until the club president showed up with wrist bands :) the game was great with tons of goals and the fans as usual were amazing singing and cheering the home side on ... Unfortunately the starting goalie was shit and got yanked late when they were losing 5-1 and the club mounted a comeback and made the end very interesting pulling the keeper and almost evening the score only to lose with an empty netter :( Nebojsa was secretly happy his Serbian team won LOL . There is no alcohol in the stadium so between periods we left the rink and went to the bar next door which was rammed but here everybody knows Jimmy !! We just went in the back door and grabbed our own beers :) we drank quite a bit and man was I wasted :0 after the game we ended up in the team dressing room talking with the players and then hung out with one of the Beograd coaches before going to hang out at their hotel which I absolutely don't remember ... Blank .... Apparently we went to a pizza shop gobbled food and I took a nap in there after muttering some incoherent shit ? I don't remember this but Nebojsa mentioned it and showed me pictures of me sleeping in the pizza place LOL .... I was tired , it's jet lag hahaha ... Ok ok I was piss tanked drunk beyond belief ...

After all this we ended up back at Jimmys drinking more .... I have no clue when I went to bed but I'm assuming it was very late . Today I am waking up loving this place and very thankful for the hospitality here in Transylvania .. I gotta get moving now :) 

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