Friday, April 14, 2017

First Leg

So here we go . I'm on my plane on my way to Frankfurt,Germany from Toronto,Canada en route to Birmingham,England where I will be spending the first  10 days of my adventure playing ice hockey , going to concert , watching my beloved Aston Villa and most of all collecting some hockey equipment from my friends on the Birmingham Rockets to take with me to Cairo,Egypt !!! Yeah I'm going to play ice hockey in Egypt & hopefully will leave our hockey family there  with some equipment and nets . Things are tough there and it's not easy to get gear there .... sounds almost impossible to get hockey anything there :( let's see if we can change things ! 


With the help of friends like Brendan Krick things like this can be done . Not sure if I could really do this without the help he has given . Brendan donated his old goalie equipment and made a cash donation to get a net made over there . Pretty fantastic eh ? Some of that equipment needed repair and my great friends at Toronto Hockey Repair & Goalie Heaven donated the time and effort to repair them and helped me out with a few other hockey essentials that will hopefully help me solidify this game over there . I know you are still scratching your head but this it totally for real .


These aren't the only friends to help . I started a GoFundMe page and collected a few bucks to help pay for baggage transportation . I know some don't want to be mentioned but you know who you all are and I honestly feel the love from my work colleagues to my Aston Villa Supporter friends to my hockey family abroad ... each and every one of you deserve a pat on the back or at least a pint hahaha . We will see how we can remedy that in the future :) 


As you can see the nets above were made in Cairo and are currently getting netted with some crazy fish net that actually looks good ... we might have a surprise to remedy that too thanks to my friends donations . Oh speaking of donations , keep sending them ! Yeah this isn't even close to over . I still have to fly to Egypt with even more gear . How amazing is this ? Kinda wish I had some hockey buddies to help me lug this stuff around but as is the norm for me .... I'm on my own . Hopefully in the future more of you reading will make the journey to play ice hockey there and also hopefully help contribute . 

My plane is about to take off so it's time to put on a crappy movie and take a nap . I'm gonna need the energy tomorrow morning . Thanks again to everyone mentioned above and even to those that weren't mentioned ! Peace 

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