Friday, April 21, 2017

Family Time

People always ask me why I come over to Birmingham so much and there are oh so many reasons but I would say the main one is to see my family and I don't mean my Villa family or my hockey family here as they are also very dear to me . This is my blood . My auntie is my grandmothers sister and I was raised by my grandmother and she has been gone for quite some time so it means a lot to come see her sister and my cousins which I think are technically my second cousins . My auntie really loves ice wine as you can see she guzzled one already hahaha ! I'm sure she's working on her second one today . I try to bring her two .... one to drink while I'm there and one to drink after :) it makes me happy to see her happy . 

It took me an hour and a half to get from Smethwick to Chelmsley Wood and when I got there I had my cuppa and we talked about family stuff which I'm never really keen to talk about . It always seems to lead to the same discussions but that's what families do right ? I'm not sure as I'm not much of a family person to be honest . After a couple cups of tea my cousins Paul and Steven walked me over to the busy terminal at the mall and bought me way too many candies and crisps to take home hahaha ! I'm already working on packing them in and I'm sure the gym will be painful when I get home in a couple weeks . I shouldn't really be worrying about my weight on this trip but I am a bit .... while I plough through all this beer and scratchings lol ! 


On the ride back to Smethwick I went by the Villa shop on New St. to see if it was really closed and it is :( damn that sucks .... my buddy Scott Sanders is doing a promo gig near the bull ring so I went over to bug  him a bit . He was almost done so I went over to BrewDog to kill some time with a couple pints as we planned to grab a bite together at Nando's. I've never been before and practically all my brummie mates rave about how good it is so I had to try it . We went to the one close to Bull Ring . I had a half chicken and it's basically Portuguese styled chicken which is always yummy and yes this was really good and I will definitely go for another in the future . 


Of course we went for a quick pint after at a pub called The Post Office (?) it has a massive selection of bottled beers so I had myself a nice hoppy American IPA and then had to catch a bus to meet Gemma Taylor Albutt at Karl's place ... and yes he is still in Derby and I'm still alone at his place :( things are fine though ! Got to Karl's before Gemma did as I didn't want her waiting around to drop ice hockey donations ... that would be rude . She brought a bunch of good stuff that I'm sure will be loved and used in Egypt 🇪🇬 . Somehow I still can't believe I'm doing this .... overwhelmed by all this gear I started to try packing it and it looks like I have 3 full bags of gear ready to go :) last thing I really need from everyone is a little help with some cash donations to transport gear .... so if you or anyone you know would like to help please make a donation to my GoFundMe account below :) 


Heading up to Sheffield now to skate with some
old friends there .... this bus smells like teen spirit hahahah cough cough cough .... 

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