Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Back on ice in Brum

Yesterday was amazing ! Honestly had so much fun hanging out with Ritchie and Amy :) they picked me up and took me to the Black Country Museum which is like a village of historical buildings and vehicles that all make up the history here . We could have stayed there for hours on end ! We walked around had some old style chips and bought some candy and had a nice pint of cider and all in the sun ... YES ! It was sunny and beautiful out yesterday here :) we also went into a mine and I mean there was a few more things we could have done if we got there earlier like riding the old school kids rides and there was a little boat ride we could have done and a small theatre with a movie that shows every once in a while . Seriously I was not bored for one second and I suggest that anyone visiting Birmingham should take the time to go out to check this place out ! 

After our day out in the sun we obviously needed a bite to eat and a pint so we went to The Crooked House . No joke this place will confuse the crap out of you ! There is a window sill that is on a crazy angle and somehow there is a marble there that will roll upwards ??? I know . If you ever visit do yourself a favour and don't spend too much time figuring it out because honestly you will start feeling queezy looking at all the angles in there lol !  We stuck around and had a bite and I noticed pastrami sandwich on the menu ..... it was nowhere near what I thought it would be hahaha :) 

So back to hockey business after a quick stop to see my little buddy Tricky who is the little fella that gave me that picture I posted a few days ago . Was great meeting him finally :) 


Too bad we couldn't stick around too long as we had to grab my gear and head to the other side of Birmingham way out in Solihull . We have our ice time at 945 which is early :) usually they get the time slot an hour later so that's a bonus as Ritchie has an earlier day tomorrow (today) it's this thing called work ? Never heard of such thing lol ! Packed my bag up in record time and we were off .... the whole ride I questioned if I packed everything and I'm sure we've all been there when in a rush . 


Time to get all this donated gear on that I've never worn hahaha ! The idea was to bring a full kit of goalie equipment which was donated by Brendan Krick in Toronto and bring my essentials that I need like skates , mask, jock and pants and wear the rest of donations instead of bringing two full kits from Toronto which saves me from dragging more stuff around right ? Well let me tell ya .... I have only once worn other gear and it felt like crap . That was way back when I visited Finland and Jarri Kurtti let me use his gear .... back then the skates were my problem so I thought I had that solved this time .... wrong ! The pads are bigger and they felt ridiculous and the chest armour was like wearing a condom .... guess I should have worn this stuff before I left eh hahaha ! Yeah I didn't :( 


Pretty sure it was clear that I was struggling as I fidgeted with the gear while I was on the ice constantly. Gave up a few shitty goals but it was just a practise and oh yeah I was collecting gear . Two of the guys had gear ... thank you Richard Goode and Chris Pfleiderer for the donations . I know there are a couple bags coming from Ritchie and Karl and Gemma also which should be more then enough and I would say the collecting here was a success . Our friends in Egypt will gladly put this stuff to use and as we all know it's better if it's getting used rather then collecting dust :) as usual I want to thank The Birmingham Rockets for helping with my hockey drive and for letting me practise with them .... next time I will have gear that is more comfortable lol !  

Once again it would be great to collect some more donations to transport gear . If you want to make a cash donation please follow the link below and thank you ! 

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