Monday, June 1, 2015

Bout of Depression

Waking up at Ben's place yesterday in Stourport I was a bit upset , depressed and just not exactly right ... The night before I had some discussion with some twit from another splinter club that kind was just me taking the piss and him being a cry baby ... You know who you are douche ! Politics ;) so the loss really didn't have a positive effect on any of us ... 

Best thing to do ... Drink beer ! So when Ben and Chris woke up we headed to the Hollybush and started drinking as we watched Cricket which I am still trying to figure out . Karl McNelly came out to pick me up and we headed to an Indian BBQ joint called The Vine :) it's in West Brom... I was wearing a Villa top and hoodie and didn't realize I was rolling into enemy territory wearing my teams colours ! When we walked in all eyes stared at me and I am sure some of them were dying to shout at me but fair play to them for not . It was weird ... But the food was excellent ! I highly suggest it to anyone and I would definitely go back again , without any Villa gear on LOL! 

That food put me in a better mood and hanging with good peeps made it easier then I got to my hotel ... Jury's Inn on Broad Street which out of the 3 hotels I've stayed at on this trip is head and shoulders better then the rest ! Got to my room and passed out .

It's not over ... Still a bit angry and I'm waiting to hear how my Ghetto Blasters did . Well I get a couple messages telling me we lost :( but the worst part is that only 6 of our 15 skaters showed up ??? None of the guys I trusted to be our team captains even sent emails to the team ? Nobody added skaters from the other 15 ... Brad brought out 1 guy doing his best to help the team but I just can't get over how so many people let me down the last 2 games I missed !!!! Why didn't anyone invite our substitutes to help the club and does everyone realize I'm on holiday ? Does everyone expect me to do everything while I'm travelling or do they just not give a shit about our club ?!?!? I don't ask for much ... Just send an email , let the rest know time of game then people say yes or no ... Simple right ? If guys would show a little respect then they will fucking respond . It's not fucking hard to say yes or no a few days in advance . Yes I am still angry over the lack of respect my team mates show me and the reality that nobody cares as much as I do is kinda disheartening . When playoff time comes and we are short skaters I will surely hear people that missed these games complaining and I am sure one of these guys will complain about lack of ice time even though they are skipping games because other shit is more important ? Let's be honest if something important is happening next Sunday then you should know about it now and not on Saturday ... If you drop out on Saturday because you forgot you had other plans then obviously they are new plans and are more important to you ? If that's the case then maybe you should quit hockey ! Quit wasting my time ! And quit wasting my clubs time ! Wake up and smell the fucking coffee and respond ... It's not hard to say yes or no .

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